Friday, January 31, 2003

"Different threats require different strategies. In Iran, we continue to see a government that represses its people, pursues weapons of mass destruction, and supports terror. We also see Iranian citizens risking intimidation and death as they speak out for liberty and human rights and democracy. Iranians, like all people, have a right to choose their own government and determine their own destiny -- and the United States supports their aspirations to live in freedom."

I don't know, what I exactly think about Mr. Bush & his speech. I can't really get what he means by these few words about Iran, & what will be the plan. It seems that after Iraq It's our turn, but what kind of strategy is will be required? How should these Iranian people choose their own government & determine their own destiny, by a new dependence? Who knows that what is taking place on the backstage of this play, & what will happen to my country?
...oh, I prefer not to think about future & political strategies, because that just makes me worry & confused...yeah, thinking about such a big matter can't be done by a teen young girl, a girl that, like anybody else should just wait & see what the owners of power decide for her destiny...

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Look out, Iran
"Did anyone else notice the ominous reference, out of the blue, to Iran in President Bush's State of the Union address?
After saying that "different threats require different strategies," the president went on to describe Iran exactly as he has described Iraq: the repression, pursuit of weapons of mass destruction, support of terror and Iranian citizens risking intimidation and death.
Because it was such a precise description of this administration's view of Iraq, I am sure many people thought that the president had merely misspoken. I am wondering if that reference could have been meant to prepare us for an American invasion of Iran that will follow immediately on our invasion of its "axis of evil" twin Iraq? "


The 21st Fajr International Film Festival will be held in Tehran two days later. I like to watch movies in festivals because politician movies in festival aren't censured yet, but when they are shown in cinemas they are shorter & not complete. But finding the ticket of Fajr festival is really difficult, I just could see one film many years ago & It was just a fortune that we could buy the ticket. Anyway, I hope that this year I see at least one or two movies.
Anyway, it’s been a long time that I haven't gone to cinema, although I love cinema & films. And about American films since the person who used to rent the CDs became arrested & they take all his films I haven't seen any American films either, so I miss watching films. Specially now, there are many new films that I wanna see but I can't find them.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

"was only a teen age girl" .... a note of Bahareh Hosseinpour, in the women experiences part of women in Iran site, that the english translation has come soon to the English page :)
Iran Rejects Bush Comments on Weapons, Suppression
"Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi Wednesday denounced as baseless Washington's allegations that Iran was seeking to develop weapons of mass destruction and repress its people.
President Bush Tuesday repeated his accusations that Iran pursued weapons of mass destruction, and slammed Iran's clerical establishment for not responding to the nation's desire for freedom.
"Whatever comments Bush made on Iran's pursuing weapons of mass destruction are totally baseless, superficial and wrong," Kharrazi told reporters after a weekly cabinet session.
Washington branded Iran as part of an "axis of evil" along with Iraq and North Korea last year for pursuing weapons of mass destruction and sponsoring terrorism. Iran strongly denies the charges.
However, Bush's remarks on Iran in his State of the Union address Tuesday offered a more nuanced analysis.
He did not refer to Iran as evil, reserving that epithet for Iraq alone, although he said Iran supported terror and repressed its population.
"Iranians, like all people, have a right to choose their own government and determine their own destiny, and the United States supports their own aspirations to live in freedom," Bush said."

Yahoo news: " Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, 81, Iran's most-senior dissident cleric, seen in this photo taken on Jan. 9, 2003, while under house arrest in Qom, Iran, 120 kms south of Tehran. Iranian authorities have lifted the house arrest of Iran's most-senior dissident cleric after five years, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported Monday. The decision follows reports the cleric's health is deteriorating."

There are also other photos of him , while under house arrest here,here & here...

I'm wondering what kind of human these akhund are, that don't even show compassion to themselves, sometimes ago that this man Montazeri was suffering from an illness, the leader of country, khameneii
didn't even a doctor to see him... can you imagine what kind of human these akhunds are???



Tuesday, January 28, 2003

High fashion makes inroads in modern Iran
"In a country where women are required to dress in loose-fitting, ankle-length clothes and cover their hair and necks with head scarves, fashion would appear to have limited possibilities.
But in a sign of a gradual relaxation of Iran's social restrictions, the first women's fashion magazine to be published in the country since the 1979 Islamic revolution has just hit the newsstands.
With a burst of bright colors and innovative designs influenced by traditional Persian costumes, the quarterly journal Lotous is something of a revolution in itself.
"Black is the color for mourning and grieving. I believe Iranian women feel depressed simply because of the dark colors they wear,"

That was a good piece of news…that magazine would be pretty interesting, & I’m waiting for it to be published…
Anyway, I think that women through these more than 20 years, did all they could to wear better & better, of course things that girls & women right now is much more better than what they were supposed to wear many years ago, It was difficult but everyone tried to make good changes to clothes step by step, these days we can wear clothes tighter than what we wore many years ago & also the usage of scarf with light colors is increasing & we see less women who wear chador, ( in compare with years ago when in many organizations women had to wear black chador & look like black crows!). That’s so good & with all limitations we try to improve by the new fashion of the world as much as possible. This fashion magazine can be like a great leap.

rain...rain...rain...It's hardly raining &I really feel good, the sound of pouring water on the roof & that lovely smell makes me feel better...
There are just some minutes left of my Internet account, & still I'm not sure that I can connect & publish what I'm writing now, I have to buy a new Internet card tomorrow, again that fucking cards , when I can get much money from my parents I buy a high- speed with great quality Internet but these days I don't have that money & have to buy a cheap card like this one I have now, I dial about half an hour & sometimes more & when I connect by the damn speed, have to wait so long for a web page to come I'll be disconnected after some minutes…these times I really want to throw the computer out of window, but It’s not a good idea because this magic box is the only thing that makes me satisfied & gives me confident & I have to tolerate with all of problems, better than nothing…
Anyway, now I feel good because I have answered my mails this evening & there is no need to be worry, actually when I have an email in mailbox & haven’t sent reply, I don’t feel good … by the way, these days my mails makes me happy & proud more than anything else, & each letter gives me lots of hope & confident…
…oh, I feel so good, I just feel like a person that although is in a difficult situation, have lots of small reasons for happiness.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

...Just as a matter of seeing the symbol of my lovely city, Tehran...I don't know why but some cold &
quiet nights I miss Azadi (liberty) square & feel a deep love to my dirty & crowded but lonely city...just like tonight...
One of my favorite Farsi bloggers, Ehsan have introduced my weblog in his popular site, so I became so happy & I think that many of visitors at the time are Iranians,so salaaam.....Anyway, Today was a busy day & now I'm pretty tired, as I had decided I decreased wasting time ( as my parents say) in front of computer & spent much more time studding & now that is about 11 at night I've come to see what's up in my sweet world, so I just checked some sites & as I see If I don't be online five or six hours a day nothing will be wrong & it is possible to use Internet as a good girl & like a human!!!
Iran seriously worried over situation around Iraq
"...The United States is
interested to a greater extent not in disarming Iraq, but in its sway
in the Middle East and its oil, said on Saturday secretary of the
Supreme National Security Council of Iran, Hassan Rowhani.
According to the secretary's statement which were on Sunday quoted
by Iranian newspapers, events taking place in neighboring countries --
Iraq and Afghanistan -- provoke serious anxiety of the Iranian side,
worried over protection of national security..."

Saturday, January 25, 2003

I've decided to decrease the time I connect to Internet & do web-surfing & at least pretend to study, till the school give my parents the report card of exams, because as It seems the marks aren't very good & If this way continues perhaps my parents do something to make me stop working with computer so much...So I wanna start studying to make them think I ma a hard worker student & there are other reasons that made that marks... wish my exam papers to be changed & wrong answers to be correct, It'd be so good If it was possible ;)...Anyway, these days one of the most important things in my mind is high school & education, Although it's boring & not lovely for me, I must study...Sometimes we should do some works we don't like to get to the goals we like & studding is one of these works...
A tour in womeniniran site:
As I have said many times, although womeniniran is a great site & can show a real view of Iran & women but the English page is updated rarely & doesn't contain all topics, so sometimes I write some of its important articles in my weblog, 7 today I decided to have a tour in every parts of the site;

__The Photo part is updated with beautiful photos of some old women of a small city by photographer jilla dejm, the photos give a special feeling & worth visiting.
__It has a report of feminism & football in Iran …
__also recently there are notes about problems of women who wanted to be nominated in elections & the wrong thoughts of men about these women, But it seems that the number of active women in these fields is increasing...
___& in the news; there are news about a 11 years girl that was killed by her father… or a women that was killed by her husband & another women that was arrested for kidnapping her own child or a note about sex & problems between couples that has been a hidden reason in reasons of divorce…
__ and the new magazine that is publishing recently about men's right , because they believe that these days everyone talk about women's right & It is not equal( how jealous men are, although in Iran everything is more & better for men they can't stand women acts for achieving their goals & having their rights)
__also there are some statistic news, that one third of women in Yazd(one of Iran's cities) have at least one child that was born unexpected...or the age of pregnancy that has increased from 25 to 30...or 60% of persons who act in theater in Iran are women...

I hope I could say the most important articles of this Farsi & full of information site, & I wish luck for all of brave women that act to have an equal situation as men & give us back our forgotten rights.

Friday, January 24, 2003

Pulling down satellite dishes...
Government is again trying to pull down satellite dishes, they do this sometimes a while when they smell a rat & think that something against them is going on. But before this time they wanted to do something to filter decadent programs but they understood that it?s just a foolish thought & is impossible to filter some programs, so they have started pulling down satellite channels again & they have done it completely in some areas of Tehran & also some other cities. If they find dishes the owner must pay a fortune, so people are taking their dishes themselves, so did we & it?s a pity that we should watch our own TV channels programs specially these days that Moharram(a month that there are religious stuff related to it) is coming & all programs will be worse than ever.
Also IranMania has something about this subject:"...According to official figures, there are currently some three million households with access to satellite television, while in recent years security forces have only managed to seize 70,000 sets of equipment.
Iran's hard line camp frequently denounces foreign satellite broadcasts, which it argues destroy Islamic values and are increasingly used by exiled opposition groups, notably pro-monarchists based in Los Angeles..."

So unexpected I visited a weblog named Afghanistan today, It was the first afghan weblog that I have read & through that I went to some other afghan weblogs like zabanderaz & ghazal-e emrooz &..., they were great & I was surprised by that nice weblogs. Unfortunately they are in Farsi & others in the world can't read them, I wish that someone start writing in English from Afghanistan. Anyway, I enjoyed reading a lot. Although they write in Farsi but the Farsi they speak is much sweet than our Farsi & seems so cute & beautiful; & also most of them have a great sense of humor in their notes. You know, we see Afghans in Iran just as workers & it was interesting to see weblogs written in Afghanistan.
After those changes in Afghanistan some of Afghans in Iran went back to their own country. I don't think that they have had good memories from Iran, Although It is said that Iranian people are very kind but I think that we didn’t have & still don't have a good behavior with afghan immigrants, there are some nasty rules about them, Afghan children have a really bad situation, & also Iranian women that have afghan husband are in so much trouble.
Anyway, these days I don't have an exact view of Afghanistan but I think they are much happier than us & are free to breathe the air of their fatherland with liberty, not like us in prisons. I hope that these afghan weblogs can show a right & real picture of Afghanistan. If I got anything interesting I try to translate it if I could. Good luck to them...

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Metafilter:"H. Sarbakhshian is perhaps the only photo-blogger now in Iraqi kurdistan. He is one of the latest well-known Iranian journalists who has turned to blogging."
I suggest you to visit his site if you can; there are great photos of Iran & Iraq, taken by an Iranian photographer that is now in Iraq. I think that nothing can prove the reality better than a good photo, & this is the reflection of facts in hasanpix site.
Saddam's Chemical Victims Still Suffering in Iran
The story of war is always a forgettable story...& the men of war are always forgotten...
A poem by shima Kalbasi:

I am not an Arab
I keep telling them
Well what's the difference?
You are a Muslim!
I am not a Muslim
Well what's the difference?

No, not even you know the
the difference
between Indians,
Afghanis, Muslims,
Sikhs, Hindus and Jews.
more than ever, there is no difference.
I see…
A young girl that is crying with no reason!!! Is it common??? This is what I see these days a lot, I see many of my friends that are girls in my age crying & crying, I see many of them sitting somewhere lonely & thinking, I see many of them so furious, & getting upset by every little things. And also many times I find myself crying with no reason, getting furious & upset, thinking a lot & having a bad feeling too. I see how we are behaving; I see our school that is full of teen young girls, like a sad cage. I see satellite channels, I see girls in my age in other countries, yeah, I see how they live, I see how happier than us they are, & I see how we are breaking & now one hear us. Oh, what am I saying??? Who cares that most of girls in my age in Iran have depression??? Who cares … I just wish that I couldn’t see I wish that I was blind & also couldn’t understand what is happening to our future.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

After a while a threatening note from editor of the womeniniran site in the English page:
An Act of Bartering!?
"It has been more than ten days since the return of the European Union's (EU) human rights representatives. More than ten days have passed out of the two-month period during which the Iranian authorities have committed to eradicate all civil inequalities between women and men in Iran. The countdown has already started, but so far the only affirmative signal that has been dispatched to fulfill these commitments is the announcement in the news that Ayat'u'llah Seyyed Mohmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, the Head of the Judiciary, has issued a moratorium to suspend the sentence of execution of women by stoning..."
Boring, Boring, Boring… Life’s so boring & days are full of depression & everyday thoughts. It seems that, this story is endless & goes to the first place as a circle, just like that old song that is repeating again & again…
No, I don’t wanna be the result of years, months & moments’ repetition, I’ll stop that old song & play a new one; No more force to stay this life , I’m looking for new confusion…

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Iranian Darwins

Knives in bushes, man-made thorns so striking
they draw rose blood, arterial angels
on the sidewalk, faces heavy with frost
falling to splashes of life in the spring.
So the fate of Persian writers: cutthroat
competition for the national ear
breeding fuller Shirazi boom booms!, hearts
exploding in old neighborhoods, bearded
Muslims, Iranian Darwins seeing
an end to certain characters who fail
to follow the revolution, discordant
cadence rejected, reduced to flat line.
Heading home with poems from my uncle
Tucked in my coat, I slipped on ice and fell.

By Roger Sedarat ,Iranian

Saturday, January 18, 2003

...It's a silent darkness of night & a mind full of worries, new feelings & though; oh I can't tolerate this moody & crazy mind...
Attack against Iran impossible: EU sources

"Brussels, Jan 18, IRNA -- European officials and analysts in Brussels firmly rule out any possibility that after attacking Iraq, the US might turn its guns against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The US administration of George Bush has lumped Iran, Iraq and North Korea as constituting an "axis of evil" raising some concern that other countries in the region might become targets of US aggression after the removal of Saddam Hussein.

"An attack against Iran? We don't even think of this. This is impossible," one EU source told IRNA.

"There is neither any reason nor any grounds for such an action. Iran has no weapons of mass destruction and it has no hands in the 11/9 attacks in the US. Moreover, unlike Iraq, Iran has not waged a war against its neighbors," added the source, speaking on condition of anonymity..."

Oh yeah…Finally exams got finished & now I feel free but a little bit angry, you know this evening I was so bored & had nothing to do, & my cousin was here so we decided to go out & have a walking but like anytime else there were words like:” oh, two girls lonely this at time that it’s getting dark!!!....kidding, you’re going out??? Why???....girls, there is no need to go out, you can just stay home & do other things….impossible, are you getting crazy ” & like ever they went on & said things to stop us, & we had to agree like as every time we do. So I don’t feel good at all, sometimes I don’t understand why my parents try not to let me have some experience out of home, we just wanted to go out & walk, nothing else; but when we see these kinds of acts from them our later reactions would be different.
Other thing that makes me angry is that, exactly that time that we wanted to go, my brother had a phone from one of his friends & they also decided to go out, they didn’t even ask him where he wants to go & still he hasn’t come back…
I’m wondering how they can be so cheeky & still say we make no difference between boys & girls!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Javad Tavaf, one of Farsi bloggers who writes a weblog with the name ranginkaman(rainbow) , & is a student & has been in some student movements, is arrested. As I read weblogs that has written about him, I didn't get exactly what is the reason of his arrest, some says that it’s only because of his politician acts or one of the reasons is his weblog & notes against government. If the second probability is true then it is the first direct act of government against this giant wave of Farsi blogging.
I had heard the name of his weblog before but never had seen it, & after this news when I went to his weblog, felt really sorry. His notes were really powerful & nice, who knows that now in what situation he is...Anyway; I hope that he gets free sooner & doesn't have serious problems.
There is just one exam left that will be on Saturday, I hope that I can last these two days. Although I didn't study very hard but after this month & tests one after the other, I feel pretty tired. What a pity that we won't have even half of a day free & exactly after the last exam on Saturday the classes will be started.
"A Place to Leave", a new street fiction in TehranAvenue site.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Yahoo News:"An Iranian woman (R) registers to become a taxi driver in the city of Qom, a center for Islamic teaching 80 miles (130 km) southeast of Tehran on January 14, 2003. Women taxi drivers began operating in Qom last year as part of a growing trend for women in the Islamic Republic to enter previously all-male professions. The women taxi drivers are only allowed to pick up female passengers and children. REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl”

It might be a simple piece of news in Iran because now there are a few women who are taxi drivers in some parts of Tehran but not in Qom. Qom is a special city, the city of mullahs that now that there are some good reforms on clothes of women & girls in Tehran & some other cities, Qom is still a terrible religious city. I haven’t been there more than two or there days, just the days after my grandmother died, because she wanted to be buried in one of the holly graves of Qom, & within these few days I understood what a terrible atmosphere this city have. From the time we entered the city till we left it I didn’t see even one woman without chador & It was really hard for us to go to street with our clothes because they looked at us like we are naked, & specially women looked & behaved much more worse than men & so many times different women came & told me very hard to cover all my hair well. One of the most important colleges for mullahs( they don’t call this place college , but “Hozeie Elmie” & also there is a holly shrine there , so Qom there are lots of mullahs
everywhere( in different colors & sizes) & It is a holly city. It seems that the small distance of these two cities, Tehran & Qom has made two different worlds.
Anyway, with all of these things about Qom, registering a woman to become a taxi driver might be a huge leap for women in this city.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

WomeninIran(Farsi): "Copying & publishing films of private parties in different cities of country is changing to a business!!! Selling the video films of parties specially in small cities that most of people know each other has made many problems... last week one of the newspapers wrote news of publishing the film of some girls party & dancing, & also some times ago two girls in Tabriz that the film of their graduation celebrity was published in city killed themselves!!!"

some months ago that I read about publishing the film of a simple party & after that two girls that killed themselves It seemed strange for me & also I felt really sorry, & as it is said this act of copying these kinds of normal parties films is continuing.
I try but I can't imagine how those two girls were feeling that decided to kill themselves. What could be the results if their parents had seen the film before their death...Just try to imagine two girls that are now dead because of being in a party;... yeah If you are from the other side of earth & never have been forced to do what others say , for sure It's even hard to imagine...hard to imagine....

Monday, January 13, 2003

As I had expected the exam went very bad but I’m wondering why I’m not upset at all! You know, It’s a while that I’ve found myself kind of fancy-free especially about school & lessons. (Good for my parents!)
Unfortunately, this term my position in the class that exams are taken is not very good. Oh, no; don’t misunderstand me. I don’t cheat but sometimes but sometimes having a small consultation isn’t so bad, is it? That as I said I don’t have at least chance of consultation!!!
You know, sometimes there is a nasty score rivalry between the students in high schools & thing that is important is your mark not your knowledge. Fucking school books are worse than you can imagine & most of the exams test your memory more than your wisdom about the subject.
It’s always been a question for me that with this awful education system that now is clear for everyone, how so many Iranians are successful in the world & most of students in Iran good universities immigrant to other countries to continue their education in top unis, Of course there is no reason except their own talent. So selfish, ha? ;)
Anyway, at the time the problems of country are so much that there is no place for the students, every on is thinking about present & doing the best to stay & continue plundering & no one think about future; I think that if one day Iran can have a revolution, one of the first & most important things that people should do is making prime changes in the education system.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

I hate Arabic!!!
Tomorrow I have Arabic exam now I’m really confused by this difficult language. I think I’ll never be able to learn Arabic & speak it fluently, because I don’t like it at all & somehow I hate the sound that this language makes it mind, I hate the ugly rhythm of Arabic poems & also difficult grammar points…
“Learning Arabic is necessary”, but I can’t understand what is the necessity! They say that you should learn it because you’re Moslem & you should say your prayers & read Koran in Arabic & also your holly prophet was an Arabic man & your religion was started by God in Arabia. (If they should they’d say that God is Arab too!) ; & another reason is that Arabic language is one of your courses & if you want to go to university you should learn it & get a high score in the test.
OK; If you talk about Islam, I’m not a Moslem & have no religion & hate all your prophets, Koran, prays… & my also my God isn’t the one who you have created for us.
But about the other reason university, I have nothing to say!!! If I want or not I should learn this language to get the score in the university test & it’s really important.
Anyway, I don’t want to say insult to this language & all Arabic speakers have their own respect but everybody has this liberty to like some things or hate, & Arabic language in one of the things I hate. But by saying all of these, there will be no change, & tomorrow will be the exam& if I don’t study the only thing that will happen is making a bad mark in my paper. Then I’d better don’t think about the reasons I should learn Arabic & try to study like a good student…

Saturday, January 11, 2003

__BBC:A 19-year-old Iranian man has been sentenced to death by hanging for repeatedly drinking alcohol!!
__ ...and also recently, another newspaper Bahar (spring) has been closed!
There are strange news, coming each minute. Some people says that there must be something going on or will be going on, that we suddenly see these kinds of actions from government, how knows that what is the next program that they've planned for us...
I believe that for a reformist newspaper it was going to be a very long time…anyway it had to be closed one day & the reason is found.
I’m writing about the reformist newspaper, Hayate-no (the new life) that is facing some problems. The story is that, some days ago they published an old cartoon by an American cartoonist that some have discovered that it’s a clear similarity between the man in the cartoon & the first leader of Islamic republic, ayatollah Khomeini. I have no idea my self, of course there is a similarity but no one can say that the purpose was making fun of religious of people!
But somehow I had missed the wave of closing newspapers since some years ago. Closing a paper & coming another one. And this one was publishing a little bit more than normal period of time ;)
also they have apologized in the other issue & have written the Internet address of the site they have taken this cartoon from but nothing has changed & as they say they mustn’t publish the newspaper until the court decide.
anyway, in my opinion, that can be completely wrong , reformist are some ones like any others in the government & these are just some simple games for killing time.

Friday, January 10, 2003

wow, there is an article about Farsi weblogs in an important French online, that’s why the number of visitors & also mails increased; oh, I could never think that French people are so kind, only thing I can say is that It was a real surprise ...I'm so happy that it doesn’t matter even if tomorrow chemistry exam goes as bad as it can;)
It's a calm afternoon, & a usal depression that always comes on Fridays is with me... & I'm somehow surprised by the abrupt increase of the visitors!!!
Anyway, there is no special news but the football match of Esteghlal & Perspolice, these two teams are the most important & popular teams of Iran & the matches are always excited for people, although I don't like football at but I sometimes follow some important matches. As I guessed like most of the times in recent years the result was equal, 1-1...I think after so many experiences for people of Iran It's clear to everyone that the results of matches aren't true, specially a much like this, because football in these years was a good reason for people to make streets crowded & of course the regime doesn't like this way & try to make people not have a reason.
But the thing that was interesting for me was the interview with the tutors of the teams after the game, Esteghlal's tutor that was German had this braveness to tell what he think in a live program, he was very angry & so was the translator. he said that It wasn't a right game at all & everything was planned before, he added that after this there is no need for having the match, two tutors can talk & decide what the result should be...

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Iranian Soccer Stadium Lifts Ban on Women: In a taboo-breaking step in this conservative Islamic state, an Iranian soccer club has started allowing female soccer fans into its stadium to watch games...Sahar Alvandi, a 17-year-old student, was overjoyed to be one of the first Iranian women to step into a soccer stadium.
"My dream came true today," Alvandi said. "I still can't believe I'm in a soccer stadium in the Islamic Republic where it has so far been the realm of only men in Iran." ...The Iranian Soccer Federation let them in the stadium, concluding that the Irish women "will not understand the bad language that most Iranian men use during the matches."
There are news about increasing the usage of ecstasy pills, they say that many people in parties, schools & other place have used these pills & now are in hospitals...also some months ago there were lots of Bic pens that had opium in their ink, & made students in classes sleepy & also addicted, I saw lots of them myself & smelt opium of it.
Of course these kinds of news make everyone really worry; thinking of for example using those pills without knowing is terrible. It’s said that there are in many chewing gums & also many drinks & the results of using is horrible.
I really can’t understand what would be in some ones’ mind that can make them do such a cruel thing with young & innocent people.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Again after a long while I have found this chance to stay late & go through links in internet with no purpose. It makes me remember summer nights, That I was up very late every nights & I didn't know what do I really do in the web but I knew that this world gives me a confidence that I can never find anywhere else, & also the feeling of safety & peace.
Specially when everybody is slept & lights are off I'm happy that I have this favorite place to spend my time in. I just love to close my room's door, open my window & smell the whether that if I am lucky is rainy, & also break the silence of night with a favorite song, & through these electronic pages go to everywhere I want...Just like now, Avril is shouting:" I'm with you....I'm with you" & the sound talagh toologh of keyboards' keys are combined with her nice voice…

I'm standing on a bridge
I'm waiting in the dark
I thought that you'd be here by now
There's nothing but the rain
No footsteps on the ground
I'm listening but there's no sound

Isn't anyone tryin to find me?
Won't somebody come take me home
It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Wont you take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I... I'm with you
I'm with you

I'm looking for a place
Searching for a face
Is anybody here I know
'Cause nothing's going right
And everythigns a mess
And no one likes to be alone

Oh why is everything so confusing
Maybe I'm just out of my mind
Yea yea yea

Take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I... I'm with you
I'm with you
I'm with you...

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

The Farsi page of womeniniran, has written something about Iranian girls who lives in small cities & villages (unfortunately most of goods reports & news are in Farsi & still English page is updated rarely).

Anyway, I try to write some parts in English. Actually a teacher in a small city that most of people are religious has told students to write about their dreams, one of them says: “you tell me to write about my dreams, but first tell me what a dream is?? What color is it? How can I have a dream?? In the whole summer I haven't come out of home more than 3 times. Not because my parents didn’t let me, because I had nowhere to go. There is no park here; cinema!!! I shouldn't even name it. Al least boys can stand in street & talk to each others but If go sometimes more in the street they will think bad about us." another girl writes:" If I take taxi sometimes, the don't leave us a dream!! If chador goes back a little the women of the city will think badly about us. It's better to stay in home & watch TV...”one of them writes:" my dream is to go out just one time with manto & roosari( the clothes that girls wear , not that black material), I will study & go to Tehran & will never come back."

after writing some of the wishes of these poor girls, the writer says:” & now in this small religious city there is something strange that no one believes, the members of a depraved group has been arrested, & also they have been acting in porno movies!!!Happening such a thing with all these problems, wasn’t very strange, the girls who have been in such a close place, with the view of liberty that they had, broke all the cages…”

Sometimes I get really angry with this bad situation that we have in Iran & I think about this chance that I was born here & I don’t know why I should be here & a girl in my age, in US; but I when I read about these poor teens & their situation that is really worse than what we have in Tehran, I just don’t know how can God be so cruel & share life like this!!!

Sunday, January 05, 2003

Women set to join Iran police !!!

Some months ago that for the first time I read about coming women officers in news It seemed funny to me & still it does, Especially with those photos of girls in black chador & that appearance. Fortunately, they’ve said that these officers wouldn’t work with chador & would wear other uniforms. If they were supposed to come to streets with those clothes Tehran could have interesting moments!

 If you don’t live in Iran, perhaps you don’t understand what I mean; you may say what’s wrong but women officers?? Of course there is nothing wrong with them, but something wrong with the culture that has been made through these 23 years after revolution. For women being in this kind of clothes, & for men seeing all women covered. Anyway, I’m waiting till they come to streets & also waiting to see the results & reactions of people.

 Oh…It’s a new subject again, It’s clear that the government is doing these
things to show that they are making good changes, but there is no way, people
are wise enough to don’t be made fooled of them.

Friday, January 03, 2003

I'm going to be killed by these days, days of exams!!!! I try to study as much as I can but I can't make myself sit on the table & read a lesson a text more than 20 minutes... I know that's not good at all. You know, one of the problems is the place that I study, It's not farther than 1 meter to the computer & this naughty boy doesn't let me think about lessons...& after some minutes trying to forget this devil thoughts I can't stand seeing computer turned off , I push this button &...
I don't know why but in these times, I mean the times that I should study I think about doing works that I rarely do, I wash the dishes, watch every TV programs, talk a lot on the phone, read old books & every thing I find expect the book that I must study for exam, & I doing all these things is really enjoyable ;) but the think that can be never done is sitting like a good girl & have a look at the math book...oh, tomorrow I have math exam, the most important one, because if I get a good mark in math my parents don't care about any other lessons , & if I do all my lessons well but don't get a good mark they start nagging...that's too bad, but I have no way & should try to do the best I can. Wish me luck ;)

Thursday, January 02, 2003

It's a little bit late, but happy New Year, I hope a year with peace & happiness for people of the world.