Saturday, January 11, 2003

I believe that for a reformist newspaper it was going to be a very long time…anyway it had to be closed one day & the reason is found.
I’m writing about the reformist newspaper, Hayate-no (the new life) that is facing some problems. The story is that, some days ago they published an old cartoon by an American cartoonist that some have discovered that it’s a clear similarity between the man in the cartoon & the first leader of Islamic republic, ayatollah Khomeini. I have no idea my self, of course there is a similarity but no one can say that the purpose was making fun of religious of people!
But somehow I had missed the wave of closing newspapers since some years ago. Closing a paper & coming another one. And this one was publishing a little bit more than normal period of time ;)
also they have apologized in the other issue & have written the Internet address of the site they have taken this cartoon from but nothing has changed & as they say they mustn’t publish the newspaper until the court decide.
anyway, in my opinion, that can be completely wrong , reformist are some ones like any others in the government & these are just some simple games for killing time.

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