Friday, January 24, 2003

So unexpected I visited a weblog named Afghanistan today, It was the first afghan weblog that I have read & through that I went to some other afghan weblogs like zabanderaz & ghazal-e emrooz &..., they were great & I was surprised by that nice weblogs. Unfortunately they are in Farsi & others in the world can't read them, I wish that someone start writing in English from Afghanistan. Anyway, I enjoyed reading a lot. Although they write in Farsi but the Farsi they speak is much sweet than our Farsi & seems so cute & beautiful; & also most of them have a great sense of humor in their notes. You know, we see Afghans in Iran just as workers & it was interesting to see weblogs written in Afghanistan.
After those changes in Afghanistan some of Afghans in Iran went back to their own country. I don't think that they have had good memories from Iran, Although It is said that Iranian people are very kind but I think that we didn’t have & still don't have a good behavior with afghan immigrants, there are some nasty rules about them, Afghan children have a really bad situation, & also Iranian women that have afghan husband are in so much trouble.
Anyway, these days I don't have an exact view of Afghanistan but I think they are much happier than us & are free to breathe the air of their fatherland with liberty, not like us in prisons. I hope that these afghan weblogs can show a right & real picture of Afghanistan. If I got anything interesting I try to translate it if I could. Good luck to them...

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