Sunday, January 05, 2003

Women set to join Iran police !!!

Some months ago that for the first time I read about coming women officers in news It seemed funny to me & still it does, Especially with those photos of girls in black chador & that appearance. Fortunately, they’ve said that these officers wouldn’t work with chador & would wear other uniforms. If they were supposed to come to streets with those clothes Tehran could have interesting moments!

 If you don’t live in Iran, perhaps you don’t understand what I mean; you may say what’s wrong but women officers?? Of course there is nothing wrong with them, but something wrong with the culture that has been made through these 23 years after revolution. For women being in this kind of clothes, & for men seeing all women covered. Anyway, I’m waiting till they come to streets & also waiting to see the results & reactions of people.

 Oh…It’s a new subject again, It’s clear that the government is doing these
things to show that they are making good changes, but there is no way, people
are wise enough to don’t be made fooled of them.

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