Saturday, January 18, 2003

Oh yeah…Finally exams got finished & now I feel free but a little bit angry, you know this evening I was so bored & had nothing to do, & my cousin was here so we decided to go out & have a walking but like anytime else there were words like:” oh, two girls lonely this at time that it’s getting dark!!!....kidding, you’re going out??? Why???....girls, there is no need to go out, you can just stay home & do other things….impossible, are you getting crazy ” & like ever they went on & said things to stop us, & we had to agree like as every time we do. So I don’t feel good at all, sometimes I don’t understand why my parents try not to let me have some experience out of home, we just wanted to go out & walk, nothing else; but when we see these kinds of acts from them our later reactions would be different.
Other thing that makes me angry is that, exactly that time that we wanted to go, my brother had a phone from one of his friends & they also decided to go out, they didn’t even ask him where he wants to go & still he hasn’t come back…
I’m wondering how they can be so cheeky & still say we make no difference between boys & girls!!!

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