Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Yahoo News:"An Iranian woman (R) registers to become a taxi driver in the city of Qom, a center for Islamic teaching 80 miles (130 km) southeast of Tehran on January 14, 2003. Women taxi drivers began operating in Qom last year as part of a growing trend for women in the Islamic Republic to enter previously all-male professions. The women taxi drivers are only allowed to pick up female passengers and children. REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl”

It might be a simple piece of news in Iran because now there are a few women who are taxi drivers in some parts of Tehran but not in Qom. Qom is a special city, the city of mullahs that now that there are some good reforms on clothes of women & girls in Tehran & some other cities, Qom is still a terrible religious city. I haven’t been there more than two or there days, just the days after my grandmother died, because she wanted to be buried in one of the holly graves of Qom, & within these few days I understood what a terrible atmosphere this city have. From the time we entered the city till we left it I didn’t see even one woman without chador & It was really hard for us to go to street with our clothes because they looked at us like we are naked, & specially women looked & behaved much more worse than men & so many times different women came & told me very hard to cover all my hair well. One of the most important colleges for mullahs( they don’t call this place college , but “Hozeie Elmie” & also there is a holly shrine there , so Qom there are lots of mullahs
everywhere( in different colors & sizes) & It is a holly city. It seems that the small distance of these two cities, Tehran & Qom has made two different worlds.
Anyway, with all of these things about Qom, registering a woman to become a taxi driver might be a huge leap for women in this city.

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