Wednesday, January 22, 2003

I see…
A young girl that is crying with no reason!!! Is it common??? This is what I see these days a lot, I see many of my friends that are girls in my age crying & crying, I see many of them sitting somewhere lonely & thinking, I see many of them so furious, & getting upset by every little things. And also many times I find myself crying with no reason, getting furious & upset, thinking a lot & having a bad feeling too. I see how we are behaving; I see our school that is full of teen young girls, like a sad cage. I see satellite channels, I see girls in my age in other countries, yeah, I see how they live, I see how happier than us they are, & I see how we are breaking & now one hear us. Oh, what am I saying??? Who cares that most of girls in my age in Iran have depression??? Who cares … I just wish that I couldn’t see I wish that I was blind & also couldn’t understand what is happening to our future.

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