Friday, January 03, 2003

I'm going to be killed by these days, days of exams!!!! I try to study as much as I can but I can't make myself sit on the table & read a lesson a text more than 20 minutes... I know that's not good at all. You know, one of the problems is the place that I study, It's not farther than 1 meter to the computer & this naughty boy doesn't let me think about lessons...& after some minutes trying to forget this devil thoughts I can't stand seeing computer turned off , I push this button &...
I don't know why but in these times, I mean the times that I should study I think about doing works that I rarely do, I wash the dishes, watch every TV programs, talk a lot on the phone, read old books & every thing I find expect the book that I must study for exam, & I doing all these things is really enjoyable ;) but the think that can be never done is sitting like a good girl & have a look at the math book...oh, tomorrow I have math exam, the most important one, because if I get a good mark in math my parents don't care about any other lessons , & if I do all my lessons well but don't get a good mark they start nagging...that's too bad, but I have no way & should try to do the best I can. Wish me luck ;)

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