Friday, January 10, 2003

It's a calm afternoon, & a usal depression that always comes on Fridays is with me... & I'm somehow surprised by the abrupt increase of the visitors!!!
Anyway, there is no special news but the football match of Esteghlal & Perspolice, these two teams are the most important & popular teams of Iran & the matches are always excited for people, although I don't like football at but I sometimes follow some important matches. As I guessed like most of the times in recent years the result was equal, 1-1...I think after so many experiences for people of Iran It's clear to everyone that the results of matches aren't true, specially a much like this, because football in these years was a good reason for people to make streets crowded & of course the regime doesn't like this way & try to make people not have a reason.
But the thing that was interesting for me was the interview with the tutors of the teams after the game, Esteghlal's tutor that was German had this braveness to tell what he think in a live program, he was very angry & so was the translator. he said that It wasn't a right game at all & everything was planned before, he added that after this there is no need for having the match, two tutors can talk & decide what the result should be...

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