Tuesday, January 28, 2003

High fashion makes inroads in modern Iran
"In a country where women are required to dress in loose-fitting, ankle-length clothes and cover their hair and necks with head scarves, fashion would appear to have limited possibilities.
But in a sign of a gradual relaxation of Iran's social restrictions, the first women's fashion magazine to be published in the country since the 1979 Islamic revolution has just hit the newsstands.
With a burst of bright colors and innovative designs influenced by traditional Persian costumes, the quarterly journal Lotous is something of a revolution in itself.
"Black is the color for mourning and grieving. I believe Iranian women feel depressed simply because of the dark colors they wear,"

That was a good piece of news…that magazine would be pretty interesting, & I’m waiting for it to be published…
Anyway, I think that women through these more than 20 years, did all they could to wear better & better, of course things that girls & women right now is much more better than what they were supposed to wear many years ago, It was difficult but everyone tried to make good changes to clothes step by step, these days we can wear clothes tighter than what we wore many years ago & also the usage of scarf with light colors is increasing & we see less women who wear chador, ( in compare with years ago when in many organizations women had to wear black chador & look like black crows!). That’s so good & with all limitations we try to improve by the new fashion of the world as much as possible. This fashion magazine can be like a great leap.

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