Tuesday, January 07, 2003

The Farsi page of womeniniran, has written something about Iranian girls who lives in small cities & villages (unfortunately most of goods reports & news are in Farsi & still English page is updated rarely).

Anyway, I try to write some parts in English. Actually a teacher in a small city that most of people are religious has told students to write about their dreams, one of them says: “you tell me to write about my dreams, but first tell me what a dream is?? What color is it? How can I have a dream?? In the whole summer I haven't come out of home more than 3 times. Not because my parents didn’t let me, because I had nowhere to go. There is no park here; cinema!!! I shouldn't even name it. Al least boys can stand in street & talk to each others but If go sometimes more in the street they will think bad about us." another girl writes:" If I take taxi sometimes, the don't leave us a dream!! If chador goes back a little the women of the city will think badly about us. It's better to stay in home & watch TV...”one of them writes:" my dream is to go out just one time with manto & roosari( the clothes that girls wear , not that black material), I will study & go to Tehran & will never come back."

after writing some of the wishes of these poor girls, the writer says:” & now in this small religious city there is something strange that no one believes, the members of a depraved group has been arrested, & also they have been acting in porno movies!!!Happening such a thing with all these problems, wasn’t very strange, the girls who have been in such a close place, with the view of liberty that they had, broke all the cages…”

Sometimes I get really angry with this bad situation that we have in Iran & I think about this chance that I was born here & I don’t know why I should be here & a girl in my age, in US; but I when I read about these poor teens & their situation that is really worse than what we have in Tehran, I just don’t know how can God be so cruel & share life like this!!!

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