Sunday, January 12, 2003

I hate Arabic!!!
Tomorrow I have Arabic exam now I’m really confused by this difficult language. I think I’ll never be able to learn Arabic & speak it fluently, because I don’t like it at all & somehow I hate the sound that this language makes it mind, I hate the ugly rhythm of Arabic poems & also difficult grammar points…
“Learning Arabic is necessary”, but I can’t understand what is the necessity! They say that you should learn it because you’re Moslem & you should say your prayers & read Koran in Arabic & also your holly prophet was an Arabic man & your religion was started by God in Arabia. (If they should they’d say that God is Arab too!) ; & another reason is that Arabic language is one of your courses & if you want to go to university you should learn it & get a high score in the test.
OK; If you talk about Islam, I’m not a Moslem & have no religion & hate all your prophets, Koran, prays… & my also my God isn’t the one who you have created for us.
But about the other reason university, I have nothing to say!!! If I want or not I should learn this language to get the score in the university test & it’s really important.
Anyway, I don’t want to say insult to this language & all Arabic speakers have their own respect but everybody has this liberty to like some things or hate, & Arabic language in one of the things I hate. But by saying all of these, there will be no change, & tomorrow will be the exam& if I don’t study the only thing that will happen is making a bad mark in my paper. Then I’d better don’t think about the reasons I should learn Arabic & try to study like a good student…

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