Thursday, January 16, 2003

Javad Tavaf, one of Farsi bloggers who writes a weblog with the name ranginkaman(rainbow) , & is a student & has been in some student movements, is arrested. As I read weblogs that has written about him, I didn't get exactly what is the reason of his arrest, some says that it’s only because of his politician acts or one of the reasons is his weblog & notes against government. If the second probability is true then it is the first direct act of government against this giant wave of Farsi blogging.
I had heard the name of his weblog before but never had seen it, & after this news when I went to his weblog, felt really sorry. His notes were really powerful & nice, who knows that now in what situation he is...Anyway; I hope that he gets free sooner & doesn't have serious problems.

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