Monday, January 13, 2003

As I had expected the exam went very bad but I’m wondering why I’m not upset at all! You know, It’s a while that I’ve found myself kind of fancy-free especially about school & lessons. (Good for my parents!)
Unfortunately, this term my position in the class that exams are taken is not very good. Oh, no; don’t misunderstand me. I don’t cheat but sometimes but sometimes having a small consultation isn’t so bad, is it? That as I said I don’t have at least chance of consultation!!!
You know, sometimes there is a nasty score rivalry between the students in high schools & thing that is important is your mark not your knowledge. Fucking school books are worse than you can imagine & most of the exams test your memory more than your wisdom about the subject.
It’s always been a question for me that with this awful education system that now is clear for everyone, how so many Iranians are successful in the world & most of students in Iran good universities immigrant to other countries to continue their education in top unis, Of course there is no reason except their own talent. So selfish, ha? ;)
Anyway, at the time the problems of country are so much that there is no place for the students, every on is thinking about present & doing the best to stay & continue plundering & no one think about future; I think that if one day Iran can have a revolution, one of the first & most important things that people should do is making prime changes in the education system.

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