Friday, January 24, 2003

Pulling down satellite dishes...
Government is again trying to pull down satellite dishes, they do this sometimes a while when they smell a rat & think that something against them is going on. But before this time they wanted to do something to filter decadent programs but they understood that it?s just a foolish thought & is impossible to filter some programs, so they have started pulling down satellite channels again & they have done it completely in some areas of Tehran & also some other cities. If they find dishes the owner must pay a fortune, so people are taking their dishes themselves, so did we & it?s a pity that we should watch our own TV channels programs specially these days that Moharram(a month that there are religious stuff related to it) is coming & all programs will be worse than ever.
Also IranMania has something about this subject:"...According to official figures, there are currently some three million households with access to satellite television, while in recent years security forces have only managed to seize 70,000 sets of equipment.
Iran's hard line camp frequently denounces foreign satellite broadcasts, which it argues destroy Islamic values and are increasingly used by exiled opposition groups, notably pro-monarchists based in Los Angeles..."

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