Tuesday, January 14, 2003

WomeninIran(Farsi): "Copying & publishing films of private parties in different cities of country is changing to a business!!! Selling the video films of parties specially in small cities that most of people know each other has made many problems... last week one of the newspapers wrote news of publishing the film of some girls party & dancing, & also some times ago two girls in Tabriz that the film of their graduation celebrity was published in city killed themselves!!!"

some months ago that I read about publishing the film of a simple party & after that two girls that killed themselves It seemed strange for me & also I felt really sorry, & as it is said this act of copying these kinds of normal parties films is continuing.
I try but I can't imagine how those two girls were feeling that decided to kill themselves. What could be the results if their parents had seen the film before their death...Just try to imagine two girls that are now dead because of being in a party;... yeah If you are from the other side of earth & never have been forced to do what others say , for sure It's even hard to imagine...hard to imagine....

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