Monday, June 30, 2003

…There is something wrong with my PC & for a while I can't connect to Internet from home…so now I have come to an Internet café but I feel so much uncomfortable. I have a feeling that everyone is looking at the monitor of this computer I am using & every little thing I do is controlled by others. Although I know that is wrong & that is why It has been a while I have not come to an Internet café…anyway I just couldn’t read all my mails or answer any of them, & am just writing something with doubt & worry. But I think for at least some days I must come here because it’s the nearest internet place to out home. OK that’s enough for now, this feeling of being looked by everyone is getting worse & it is about half an hour that I'm here. One other man beside me is explaining about Farsi language teaching software with a loud voice to another man who seems not to be Iranian & his voice really bothers me!! OK that’s enough for now, this feeling of being looked by everyone is getting worse & it is about half an hour that I'm here. I wish to be able to write again so, these days I missed blogging & all my readers & e-mails so much…

Friday, June 27, 2003

This chap aint no champion
I am angry that Iranians are so naïve as to fall fo Reza Pahlavi

By Ali Ezzatyar
"As a logical being, I prefer not even calling him Reza Pahlavi. I am forced to; I don’t know what else to call him. His grandfather Reza Khan arbitrarily bestowed upon himself the name Pahlavi, as well as the title Shah less than a century ago. As an extension of this reality, any rational person would assume that by maintaining this capricious title, he wishes to carry on the legacy of his father and grandfather...."

Although I agree with what is said in this article & think most of reasons are logic to show Reza Pahlavi as enemy of Iranians; but I must confess than by listening to his speeches & ideas (forgetting about questions he never answer), I can't find anyone else more qualified than him for the future regime of Iran & the needed wisdom & calmness that he shows in his behavior is admirable. As a very young Iranian girl I easily get obsessed by one or two of his interviews! But I also believe that there are some more important things that in his plan are vague & that make concern about his promises & his probable change in ideas in future.
At the time there are some people, actually a few numbers of them who are still living in a monarchy in their dreams & are waiting for son of their loved king to lead the country as another king!!! And even now call him Prince Reza Pahlavi...
And there are others who hate him as they hated his father & believe that he caused all this mess. And now criticize any word of Reza Pahlavi as a traitorous plan & never seem to believe him.
That is a big confusion, not just the problem of Reza Pahlavi but this battle for the future leader of Iran. As I said at the time I don't see anyone more qualified that Reza Pahlavi but that will be proved when country become so free that all groups & oppositions & even any single person can give their opinions, then people can decide who to choose. Oh I wish that it really was as easy as writing about it, but everyone knows that the most difficulty will come just after the time mullahs lave the country... As Reza Pahlavi says himself the day of referendum is the end of his politician duty & after that will let people decide. Although it can't be any other way, but I wish that he says that will all his honesty....

(Reza Pahlavi…& his mother Farah Diba, actually this second photo has got nothing to do with the note, I just put it there because I like this photo very much….The last king seemed to have a good viewpoint in finding wives!)

Thursday, June 26, 2003

As you might know a group of Iranian bloggers & also owners of one of the biggest blogging services, Persianblog have got up a petition for the recent article of CNN/Reuter about situation of Internet in Iran, that I & also many others see it a foolish action that will not prove anything except the viewpoint of Iranians...
The fact is that their article is completely based on true, although that weblog of a prostitute is not the most important one but as its stats show in one of the hottest. Even if that wasn't true, they wanted to prove that porno websites is popular between Iranians & how can we deny it when we all know that it is?
Stats show that although the number of Iranian bloggers is rising & they write in many fields but the most popular ones are the ones who write about sex, both men & women. And the point is that there is not anything write with it. We live in a country with little freedom & streets full of men to arrest young boys & girls together or girls who have been covering their bodies for more than twenty years; how do us except ourselves not to use this free world to read about or somehow experience what hat has so much limitation in our country. Actually I see that completely natural & name this fuckin petition just a childish reason to deny the truth.
Oh, this new appearance of Blogger is so much nice, as for a while this page of blogger has been like a part of my life & writing on it just as a habit, Now I feel good about this variety. That’s good; it needed this change.
Oh, I think my excitement about this nice page is getting a bit too much childish!! Anyway, sometimes some friends suggest me to move to another blogging system but for many reasons I prefer to start blogger with blogger, what I started with both my Farsi & English weblog & still feel comfortable with it. Forgetting about some temporary problems till now it's been a good friend of mine that have also let me make connection with other my friends of the world.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Iranian student protests deserve support: Blair
"LONDON, June 23 (AFP) - British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Monday said that student anti-regime demonstrations in Iran "deserve our support."
"I think people who are fighting for freedom everywhere deserve our support, yes," Blair said in answer to a question from an MP in the House of Commons.
"The exact nature of our support we are able to give, that is a different question. But I think that those people in whavever part of the world who try to have basic human rights and civil liberties deserve support all over," the British leader continued...."

Monday, June 23, 2003

Iran bans public protests on anniversary of unrest
"TEHRAN, June 23 — Iran said on Monday it would ban any demonstrations outside universities to mark the July 9 anniversary of 1999 student unrest following a wave of sometimes violent democracy protests that prompted a crackdown this month...."

That seems foolish; no one was waiting for their permission & this fact that they would ban any demonstrations on July 9, will make no change to students' movement.
You know, this regime is a kind that will try not to lose their grip on media & news till the last moment; for example all these recent protests & anti-regime demonstrations were criticizes as an unsuccessful try of traitors for damaging Islamic republic!!! Here are photos of this program on channel one of Iran's TV that as the Farsi note says begins with the scenes of some wounded Basijis, some of the ones who were arrested & a just a few scenes of street battles, It continues with showing scenes from LA channels & the ones who are talking about these battles, & at last Khameneiee who talks with authority (that's what he always do) & some national songs...

...So everything's fine; It was just a simple problem that now is solved by the power of brave Basijis & also wisdom of, you just don't worry, everything's great & mullahs are still stealing your land. You are watching Islamic republic TV of lie & trick!

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Powell Denies U.S. Preparing for Conflict with Iran
"DEAD SEA, Jordan (Reuters) - Secretary of State Colin Powell on Sunday dismissed as "absolutely wrong" any suggestion that the United States was preparing to attack Iran.
The United States accuses Iran of seeking nuclear weapons, supporting "terrorist organizations," and meddling in the affairs of neighboring Iraq, where U.S.-led troops have the toppled the government of president Saddam Hussein.
Conservatives inside and outside the Bush administration have called for the United States to take a harder line toward Iran, which President Bush last year included in an "axis of evil" with North Korea and Iraq....
"We encourage the demonstrations not as a way of fomenting trouble but to say, people should be free to speak out," Powell said...."

Saturday, June 21, 2003

...Also take a look at:
-Letter to His Excellency Ayatollah Khamenei...

-Photos of Today strike of some students of Tehran University...

-Lighting The Way; editorial cartoon of Cox & Forkum...
A new wave of protest has been started in the east of city; Tehranpars. And as it’s reported it’s getting more serious that the last ones in Amirabad Street….but these days I feel some new confusions and beyond those childish excitements, another though has filled my mind;
And that’s concern of the time when our children ask us why? & it will be our duty to give them a logic answer… yes we mush have enough reasons to persuade them we did it all because of this land & we knew what we were doing. I know that at the time that everyone is thinking about plans of demonstrations, talking about my child who will ask me: “why?!!!" is a bit foolish, but I really can't get it out of my mind & as a matter of fact there is another problem that still I can't even find the answer to this question that: What do we want? …Actually I couldn’t find the answer anywhere, not among protesters’ chants, Reza Pahlavi's speeches, politician’s essays or the oppositions’ notes. All of them are complaining about the present situation, saying insults to mullahs & encouraging people to fight against the, what to fight for?!!!

All of us know that in anyways, soon or late, the life of this regime will come to an end & mullahs will escape from country or will be killed by the men of other regime! And things will again be in their right way, the world will forget us again & we have to deal with our daily problems. But what is very depressing for me is the thought that some years later after these battles, I feel that still I don’t owe my share of this world & also don’t have the answer to the next generation questions…

Today, suddenly I felt like taking a look again at the photos of Those Days, (the best ones, taken by kaveh Golestan who died a while ago in Iraq) & this time they seemed to me like they were taken recently from anti-regime demonstrations. You know what was the main similarity? Excitement & lack of hesitation; what is the habit of us iranians at the most important moments of history…

Friday, June 20, 2003

Rice Stokes Up U.S. Pressure on Iran
"BERLIN (Reuters) - U.S. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice on Friday backed recent pro-democracy protests in Iran in comments that stoked a U.S. campaign of criticism of Iran's rulers.
In a guest commentary for Germany's Die Welt newspaper, Rice also repeated an appeal from President Bush to the international community to make clear it would not tolerate construction of nuclear weapons in Iran.
Rice said the Iranian government had allowed a "small unelected clique" to override the will of the people.
Referring to the recent protests in Tehran and other Iranian cities, Rice said:
"The United States sees itself obliged to support the demands of the people of Iran.
"And when Iran strives to get weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear weapons, the international community must take decisive action and make clear that this is unacceptable."...."
Another battle has been started!
As the demonstrations inside Iran have been almost cracked down & streets & universities are somehow calm & without any protests, another battle against mullahs in the Net is going on. Many newspapers & channels have focused on Iran & they're working on reports & articles about Iran recent movements...the number of Iranian bloggers writing in English is also rising & they work harder to provide information from inside.
It's less than one month to July 9, & everyone is waiting for that day...some people believe that the recent protests although they were temporary & didn't continue so much were like a good start for the coming month, but there are also others who think that it was a scheme to arrest students & scare people, to weaken the plans of that protest. But whatever it was at least it had this advantage to catch the world's attention to what is happening in Iran.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Iran Protesters Set Fire to of some Iranians burning in fire; photos of some humans burning in fire; what difference does it make where they are from... the Important thing is the pain that make somebody prefer burning in fire than continuing life in this world…
As I have said Mujahedeens are members of a group that both people & government hate them; of course that makes a contrast, a same enemy for both people & leaders! So just imagine their situation as an opposition group... but you know, Most of this group's members are exposed people who have been deceived & their existence is the least important thing for the leaders of group… they are called terrorists out of country & traitors inside, that is a bleak situation; But what about this self-immolating?! I have no idea how to persuade myself about this action, by seeing those photos I was just wondering that where this humankind is really going to?
andrewsullivan: "JULY 9: Here's my proposal. On July 9, as many blogs as possible focus on the struggle for freedom in Iran. It's the anniversary of the pro-democracy protests that have been going on for years. I'll devote the week after July 4 to this issue, culminating in July 9. Please send me links, ideas, articles pertaining to the Iranian struggle in the next few weeks. If you're an Iranian dissident and may perhaps read this somewhere somehow, get in touch, email your thoughts. If you're an Iranian ex-patriate, let me know what you think we need to link to or include. If you're a blogger, make your own plans, and let me know so I can link. Many people have theorized about the power of the web to bring about change and the young generation in Iran must know this as well as any group of people. So let's try and use it - if only to send a symbol of solidarity with those resisting the theo-fascists who have wrecked Iran for three generations...."

I'm sure that this work will be one of the most effective ones in this fighting for freedom, even more than street struggles & demonstrations. I really admire this idea & am sure that it'd be great...actually after the recent link in this site I had a rise in number of visitors & also e-mails from people who say that they'll support any action for freedom how they can...I thank everyone & just wish that all Iranians could see that they have a great support of the world till they try for freedom & democracy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

French Police Swoop on Iran Opposition Group
"PARIS (Reuters) - French police launched a major swoop Tuesday on a left-wing Iranian exile group based in the Paris region, rounding up 167 sympathizers for questioning over possible links to terrorism and seizing $1.3 million in funds.
The Interior Ministry said around 1,300 police and national security officers descended on homes and office of the People's Mujahideen starting at 6 a.m. in a raid ordered by leading anti-terrorist investigating judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere.
Among those detained was Miryam Rajavi, wife of Mujahideen founder Massoud Rajavi and head of the exile umbrella group National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), police said. Nine people were released immediately, while the rest were detained....."

...So, they are arrested; but actually they're not that much popular between Iranians & perhaps are the most hateful opposition out of country. You know; the fact is that at the time most of Iranians are sick & tired of any thing that is related to Islam & all they want is a democratic & especially secular regime. Many ones believe that if mujahedeen could have the power the situation would be much worse!

Monday, June 16, 2003

Today; Amir Kabir University...

Yahoo: "More than 250 university lecturers and writers have called on Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to abandon the principle of being God's representative on earth and to accept he is accountable to the people. The move follows a week of protests and riots in Tehran in which pro-democracy demonstrators clashed with police and vigilantes who support the hard-line clerical regime. The protests witnessed unprecedented condemnation of Khamenei, calls for his death, in a land where criticism of the supreme leader is punishable by imprisonment...."

Sunday, June 15, 2003

-Iranian Pro-Democracy Protests Positive, Bush Says
-U.S. Ponders Pro-Democracy Farsi Web Sites for Iran
-...The city is again calm tonight & every thing is the exams of some universities have been canceled, some students are going back to their cities. There are plans of strikes in some universities for tomorrow.
Iran cracks down on vigilantes
" The Iranian authorities have arrested scores of what it describes as "thugs and ruffians" following four nights of civil unrest in the capital Tehran, state-run radio reports.
Riot police were called in to break up clashes between supporters and opponents of clerical rule near Tehran university in the early hours of Saturday morning....
Student associations have said they will continue to demonstrate until 9 July, to commemorate the violent attack by hardline groups on students four years ago."

So, I took the last exam that was geometry, although English exam is left but I feel that final exams have finished & feel free...In the morning when I was going to school everyone was talking about the recent battles, & in the Taxi a boy was talking with enthusiasm about what they had done in the demonstrations, he was explaining how they hit a Basiji who was trying to hit a girl & was happily saying that It's over & just a bit later that other places specially the south of Tehran start protesting there will be no doubt that It's the end of this he was going on & talking about these kinds of things, but at that time of morning no one else in the Taxi seemed to listen to him or even give a damn; others were too sleepy or perhaps afraid to say anything. But the boy didn't stop talking & also got a bit angry & continued:" yeah, that's finished...when we get just a bit more in number what can they do? Khameneiee??!!! (giggling) we’ll kick his ass to the wall (!!!) that p*mp, mother f*cker........" & at this moment everyone in the taxi was laughing, even the driver who seemed a bit irritable & was frowning before this…
And also in the school before exam, all girls were having political arguments instead of studying; and the exam with the support of other friends, teachers & also some small pieces of paper went good ;)…& now I really feel that Summer has begun, that's a great feeling.

Anyway, Tehran was somehow calm last night but some serious battles have started in other cities like Ahvaz & people of Azerbaijan have also some plans....& generally the support of Police has been great, actually they never do anything against people & all that violence is from Basijis & members of Allah's group, that have no special uniform but you can recognize them from the dirty appearance & their hateful bear & way of wearing...
I also heard that yesterday in one of Northern streets girls took off their veils & started chanting & policemen were even encouraging others to join them!
Mahregh; community weblog for Persians.
I have also created an account, but still haven't started writing....

Saturday, June 14, 2003

No, I can't...whatever I do I can't concentrate on studying for tomorrow's exam or anything else, I just think about what is happening in the country & it all seems like a dream. I just think about those photos of wounded students of the last night's violence in the dormitory of one of universities & just can't get them out of my mind...yeah, It was last night that Basijis went there, destroy everything & hit students, here are some photos of the building after the assault, & here are photos of two of students after being damaged...
No, no Iranian can do this to another actually no human can do this to other. But anyway, by what they did they sped up the movement of people & there is no doubt for anyone that they can't kill & hit everyone & destroy everywhere, they don't have much more time.
Anyway, moment by moment news are getting more important & they report about other battle in other places of Tehran, I've also found weblogs of some student who are writing everything about latest events, I wish that they could write in English too.. Oh no, It's better that they don't write in English, I'm not sure that other people in the world can tolerate reading about that much pain & violence, not even imagining...

-Canadian Press:Hardline vigilantes in Iran beat up students in their bed inside dormitories
-channelnewsasia: Anti-regime demonstrators clash with Islamic hardliners in Iran

-.By the latest news, other cities are also facing demonstrations. One has been killed by the shooting in Shiraz, & there is also battle in the University of Esfehan.

Satellite Revolution!
By SiamackBaniamer
"...That's cool. I'll get us both one-way tickets from LA to Tehran. We'll go back home and participate. We get in the mix and help out with the movement...My cousin paused for a few seconds and said, "Can't do. You see, I asked this chick out the other day and we are supposed to meet next week. And then I got my finals next Monday. Oh, the boys and me are going to Cancun in two weeks. The summer vacation and all."
That's exactly what all members & leaders of The oppositions out of country do, watching what is happening in Iran & encouraging young people demonstrating in street & facing danger; & after a change becoming pretender to revolution & freedom of Iran...

Friday, June 13, 2003

Reuters:Gunfire Heard as Vigilantes Attack Iran Protesters
"TEHRAN (Reuters) - Automatic gunfire was heard in the Iranian capital early Saturday as hundreds of Iranian pro-clergy militiamen, some armed with Kalashnikov rifles, attacked groups of people protesting against clerical rule.
In the most serious violence since pro-democracy demonstrations started four days ago, witnesses also reported seeing riot police and hard-line vigilantes pulling young women out of cars and beating them with sticks.
Reuters journalist Jon Hemming said more than 100 of the Islamic militiamen, who wear no uniforms, swooped on a group of a few dozen youngsters protesting around a bonfire in a side street not far from the Tehran University dormitory which has been the focal point of demonstrations...."I heard automatic gunfire but I couldn't see where it was coming from or what it was aimed at."..."

I don't know if hearing gunfire is true or not, but if it's true & they have really started shooting, it means that this process of revolution is coming to an end. You know when a government start shooting to people & killing them there is no hope for them to survive anymore. Let's just wish luck for that young & brave fighters & hope to see them in the free Iran that has its freedom because of their braveness & sacrifice...
The summer of victory!
...I've just come home & I'm so much excited that the only thing I can do at the time is writing about whatever I saw this night; you know from this moment I really have no doubt that the freedom is coming soon, so much sooner than even optimistic politicians expect.
It was the forth night of demonstrations & like other times the main place was Amirabad street , so policemen where standing everywhere in order to don't let people go to the main ways , but people were in different alleys & it was a huge number of people but a bit scattered...I had gone with my father, so we parked the car in one of alleys & walked to the main street, but as I said there were police & also members of Basij & other groups everywhere , & if they could see you twice or more , they became angry & started shouting & even hitting...
Anyway, after about half an hour walking we reached the main place that young boys had lighted fired & were chanting & also breaking coke glasses in the street...suddenly the whole alley became dark & some angry men with maces , chain & big knives started running to the alley from both sides. honestly, that was the most frightening scene that I had even seen in my whole life, but more than being scared of those men & also people who were throwing stones & glasses to them, I was worried for my father that he was really scared too & didn't know what to do, actually we didn't have any ways; you know, there was not a place for all people anymore, there were just some boys who were really so much brave that nothing even that big knives couldn't scare them, . So we were afraid of the shouting & hitting & that fighting between people & Basijis...Finally we found a way a came out of those alleys & went to the street that car was parked, then tried to come there again, but in the car. This time things were much worse, you could only see fire & hear people chanting against government, Khameneiee, khatami & generally all kinds of Mullahs! They were shouting that they want mullahs dead; yes that is what everyone wants. And again Basij men with much more anger & violence came & started hitting people & arresting them, so some started escaping & we also came home....
Now I'm so much excited that I can't sleep & I'm just thinking about future that is not that much vague anymore, some bright points are seen. If things go on like this & these demonstrations continue just for one other week I bet that there'll be no need even to others' support...
This summer will be the last time that we have Islamic republic & hateful mullahs in our country...Yeah, this summer will be the season of Iranians' victory; A hot but cool summer...
Here is also Associated Press' report about the fourth night of demonstrations.

Clampdown deters Iran protests
"The Iranian capital, Tehran, has seen a third night of student protests against the Islamic authorities - but only a few hundred demonstrators turned out.
A heavy security presence made it difficult for large crowds to mass as they did on previous nights, and students were mainly confined to areas near university residences...."

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Unfortunately , the students demonstrations didn't continue; just about 80 ones were arrested, & basij & other groups could manage it before it get more serious. But in any cases, it was a great beginning for the coming month & other demonstrations.
Although I'm agreed with the ones who believe that It's not a suitable time for these kinds of movements & they have to be planned, but I also believe a street demonstration (even if as some other says is planed by government to weak the plans of July 9) is always an important step to the people's final victory....The complete note, here on windsofchange...

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

It seems that something serious is happening this time, everyone is talking about last night that lots of people had an anti government demonstration in front of one of Tehran universities & great support of Police . Actually last night I was at home & even didn't listen to news or didn't watch satellite channels to know what is happening, & also this morning in my way coming from school I didn't see anything unusual, but then I found out that in some parts of Tehran & also some other cities like Esfehan, some great movements are going on ! You know, generally I don't trust reports of Iranian channels out of country, because most of the time they exaggerate these things ; as I remember more than about five years ago that they used to say this regime won't last more than some months! Anyway, whatever it is must be serious that others news agencies like BBC report about that, but in any case I must see myself. I hope it to be continual actions, who knows; perhaps it ends up much sooner than we think!
Here are also other reports of this demonstration:
BBC: Iranians protest against clerics
Yahoo:Iranian Students Protest Ruling Clerics

Saturday, June 07, 2003

...(via hoder-farsi blog-)
It's a comparison between Iran before & after revolution, actually I had linked to something like this a while ago but It's a bit different...You can't understand who sad an Iranian feel when think about this damage & remember the day that could be so much proud to be from such & great country , & now...!

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Moscow to Supply Nuclear Fuel to Iran
"A Russian official says Moscow will supply nuclear fuel to Iran, even if Tehran does not sign a new document on the issue with the United Nations. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko told reporters Thursday, that fuel will be provided for a nuclear power plant even without Iran's signing an additional protocol to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to allow tougher inspections....."
I feel really tired & bored, sitting all day in home & studying for exams; but fortunately it won't last more than one week & after than I'll be free, although the concern of results will remain till about one month later.
Anyway, these days the weather is awful, hot & as the way that I hate. Today I was talking on the phone with one of my friends that at the time is in another city at the north of Iran & she said that It's raining & the weather is lovely there; after that I'm feeling so bad, I just wish that at the time I was there in a small & calm village & could just relax. You know, as the year is coming to an end, I feel more & more tired & feel that I can't go on anymore & need holidays to come sooner...

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Iran Invites US to Help Build Nuclear Plants
"Iran has suggested the United States could help build Iranian nuclear power plants, to allay American concerns that Iran is secretly trying to develop nuclear weapons.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said Monday that if the Americans are really worried about Iran's nuclear ambitions, they could take part in constructing Iran's nuclear power plants.
Iran has denied repeated U.S. allegations that Tehran is using its nuclear power program as a cover to develop nuclear weapons...."

G-8 Urges Iran, N. Korea to Curtail Nuclear Programs
"Leaders of the word's leading industrial countries and Russia have called on North Korea and Iran to curtail their nuclear weapons programs.
...With regard to Iran, the leaders urged that country to meet its obligations with regard to nuclear proliferation...."

The man who sold our homeland...
Tomorrow is the anniversary of Khomeini's death, (I'm not sure if the word anniversary is used for death or not!)...& It's enough to watch TV programs just for ten minutes to get crazy! They are all showing Khomeini & his family & are speaking about the great history of Islamic revolution & people that are all satisfied for the present situation & freedom, & they wanna encourage people to show that they've always loved Khomeini & also the present leader Khameneiee & all these fuckin things that these days make everybody sick & tired of the whole Islamic republic...actually every years in the date of his death, people go to his shrine but the truth is that no one goes by themselves & they use different gimmicks to somehow show that still there's nothing wrong with the enthusiasm of people about revolution.
You know, there is no doubt that Khomeini was really in important man in the history of Iran & perhaps the most effective leader of all the times, actually the man that did all he can to destroy this land with the name of Islam, there are some people who believe that nobody could do such a terrible thing to Islam & make it that much hateful, better than this Islamic republic & Khomeini that was the first leader of it. Now that cruel & blood-thirsty man is dead but the damages that he caused by his revolution & lies that he told people, need a long time & lots of patience to be repaired & this wound doesn't seem to heal easily.
Anyway, now fourteen years after his death has passed & everything gets worse each year, & no one knows how is really guilty for that crime called Islamic revolution, Khomeini?! People? Or the cruel destiny of Iranians!!!

(Here is also an article about his real nationality that I found in derafsh kaviyani site.)
Other Iranian bloggers...
Ladysun writes about An Asylum Called Azad University ...that might be interesting for the ones that don't know anything about these kinds of problems!

Hoder has just gone back to Toronto from Vienna & is again writing in his both Farsi & English weblog...

And here is Zaneirani, It was a while that I wanted to put a link to this weblog that an Iranian woman writes.

And the number of English weblogs written by Iranians is still rising, as I had said another time you can find the complete list of them in Hoder's weblog...

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Positions of US and Russia on Iran are close: Putin
"The positions of Moscow and Washington on Iran are "closer than they seem," Russian President Vladimir Putin says following talks with his US counterpart George W Bush.
"We do not need to be convinced of the fact that there should no proliferation of weapons of mass destruction," Mr Putin said.
"President Bush and I have a full understanding on this. This is exactly why we can call each other friends."
However on a more cautious note, Mr Putin says the United States must not use Russia's nuclear cooperation with Iran as a pretext for pushing Russian companies operating in the country out of the lucrative market.
"On Iran, we are against the pretext of using the nuclear weapons of program in Iran as a lever in unfair business competition against us," Mr Putin said......

the US President added:"I appreciate Vladimir Putin's understanding of the issue and his willingness to work with me and others to solve this potential problem,"
... So do I...!!!

As you might know arresting girls in the city, is still continuing & that has made many critics & politicians very angry. All believe that what they are doing is completely foolish & can never be legal. They say that producing, selling & wearing tight & short clothes are forbidden, as there is no clear description of tight short & a Manto can be tight or loose or short or long for different girls with different heights & weights. And there is also no Islamic rule about the color or model of clothes, the only rule is that all a women's body except face, hands & feet must be covered... although there are lots of logic reasons that what they are doing is right, but that makes no difference & the ones who decide can do whatever they In Iran you must never ask for the reason & wonder why something is happening, you just have to obey & do what they say, otherwise you'll be arrested...But, time shows that It's not always like this & as we see these recent rules didn’t make Iranian girls & women do what they want & wear dark, long & loose clothes...
LIttlegreenfootballs :"...The Islamic Republic of Iran is much closer to the ultimate weapons than Saddam ever was, and if we don't do something about it soon—very soon—it will be too late. ...It may be too late already. "