Thursday, June 26, 2003

As you might know a group of Iranian bloggers & also owners of one of the biggest blogging services, Persianblog have got up a petition for the recent article of CNN/Reuter about situation of Internet in Iran, that I & also many others see it a foolish action that will not prove anything except the viewpoint of Iranians...
The fact is that their article is completely based on true, although that weblog of a prostitute is not the most important one but as its stats show in one of the hottest. Even if that wasn't true, they wanted to prove that porno websites is popular between Iranians & how can we deny it when we all know that it is?
Stats show that although the number of Iranian bloggers is rising & they write in many fields but the most popular ones are the ones who write about sex, both men & women. And the point is that there is not anything write with it. We live in a country with little freedom & streets full of men to arrest young boys & girls together or girls who have been covering their bodies for more than twenty years; how do us except ourselves not to use this free world to read about or somehow experience what hat has so much limitation in our country. Actually I see that completely natural & name this fuckin petition just a childish reason to deny the truth.

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