Tuesday, June 03, 2003

The man who sold our homeland...
Tomorrow is the anniversary of Khomeini's death, (I'm not sure if the word anniversary is used for death or not!)...& It's enough to watch TV programs just for ten minutes to get crazy! They are all showing Khomeini & his family & are speaking about the great history of Islamic revolution & people that are all satisfied for the present situation & freedom, & they wanna encourage people to show that they've always loved Khomeini & also the present leader Khameneiee & all these fuckin things that these days make everybody sick & tired of the whole Islamic republic...actually every years in the date of his death, people go to his shrine but the truth is that no one goes by themselves & they use different gimmicks to somehow show that still there's nothing wrong with the enthusiasm of people about revolution.
You know, there is no doubt that Khomeini was really in important man in the history of Iran & perhaps the most effective leader of all the times, actually the man that did all he can to destroy this land with the name of Islam, there are some people who believe that nobody could do such a terrible thing to Islam & make it that much hateful, better than this Islamic republic & Khomeini that was the first leader of it. Now that cruel & blood-thirsty man is dead but the damages that he caused by his revolution & lies that he told people, need a long time & lots of patience to be repaired & this wound doesn't seem to heal easily.
Anyway, now fourteen years after his death has passed & everything gets worse each year, & no one knows how is really guilty for that crime called Islamic revolution, Khomeini?! People? Or the cruel destiny of Iranians!!!

(Here is also an article about his real nationality that I found in derafsh kaviyani site.)

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