Wednesday, June 18, 2003

andrewsullivan: "JULY 9: Here's my proposal. On July 9, as many blogs as possible focus on the struggle for freedom in Iran. It's the anniversary of the pro-democracy protests that have been going on for years. I'll devote the week after July 4 to this issue, culminating in July 9. Please send me links, ideas, articles pertaining to the Iranian struggle in the next few weeks. If you're an Iranian dissident and may perhaps read this somewhere somehow, get in touch, email your thoughts. If you're an Iranian ex-patriate, let me know what you think we need to link to or include. If you're a blogger, make your own plans, and let me know so I can link. Many people have theorized about the power of the web to bring about change and the young generation in Iran must know this as well as any group of people. So let's try and use it - if only to send a symbol of solidarity with those resisting the theo-fascists who have wrecked Iran for three generations...."

I'm sure that this work will be one of the most effective ones in this fighting for freedom, even more than street struggles & demonstrations. I really admire this idea & am sure that it'd be great...actually after the recent link in this site I had a rise in number of visitors & also e-mails from people who say that they'll support any action for freedom how they can...I thank everyone & just wish that all Iranians could see that they have a great support of the world till they try for freedom & democracy.

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