Sunday, June 15, 2003

So, I took the last exam that was geometry, although English exam is left but I feel that final exams have finished & feel free...In the morning when I was going to school everyone was talking about the recent battles, & in the Taxi a boy was talking with enthusiasm about what they had done in the demonstrations, he was explaining how they hit a Basiji who was trying to hit a girl & was happily saying that It's over & just a bit later that other places specially the south of Tehran start protesting there will be no doubt that It's the end of this he was going on & talking about these kinds of things, but at that time of morning no one else in the Taxi seemed to listen to him or even give a damn; others were too sleepy or perhaps afraid to say anything. But the boy didn't stop talking & also got a bit angry & continued:" yeah, that's finished...when we get just a bit more in number what can they do? Khameneiee??!!! (giggling) we’ll kick his ass to the wall (!!!) that p*mp, mother f*cker........" & at this moment everyone in the taxi was laughing, even the driver who seemed a bit irritable & was frowning before this…
And also in the school before exam, all girls were having political arguments instead of studying; and the exam with the support of other friends, teachers & also some small pieces of paper went good ;)…& now I really feel that Summer has begun, that's a great feeling.

Anyway, Tehran was somehow calm last night but some serious battles have started in other cities like Ahvaz & people of Azerbaijan have also some plans....& generally the support of Police has been great, actually they never do anything against people & all that violence is from Basijis & members of Allah's group, that have no special uniform but you can recognize them from the dirty appearance & their hateful bear & way of wearing...
I also heard that yesterday in one of Northern streets girls took off their veils & started chanting & policemen were even encouraging others to join them!

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