Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Iran Protesters Set Fire to of some Iranians burning in fire; photos of some humans burning in fire; what difference does it make where they are from... the Important thing is the pain that make somebody prefer burning in fire than continuing life in this world…
As I have said Mujahedeens are members of a group that both people & government hate them; of course that makes a contrast, a same enemy for both people & leaders! So just imagine their situation as an opposition group... but you know, Most of this group's members are exposed people who have been deceived & their existence is the least important thing for the leaders of group… they are called terrorists out of country & traitors inside, that is a bleak situation; But what about this self-immolating?! I have no idea how to persuade myself about this action, by seeing those photos I was just wondering that where this humankind is really going to?

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