Friday, June 27, 2003

This chap aint no champion
I am angry that Iranians are so naïve as to fall fo Reza Pahlavi

By Ali Ezzatyar
"As a logical being, I prefer not even calling him Reza Pahlavi. I am forced to; I don’t know what else to call him. His grandfather Reza Khan arbitrarily bestowed upon himself the name Pahlavi, as well as the title Shah less than a century ago. As an extension of this reality, any rational person would assume that by maintaining this capricious title, he wishes to carry on the legacy of his father and grandfather...."

Although I agree with what is said in this article & think most of reasons are logic to show Reza Pahlavi as enemy of Iranians; but I must confess than by listening to his speeches & ideas (forgetting about questions he never answer), I can't find anyone else more qualified than him for the future regime of Iran & the needed wisdom & calmness that he shows in his behavior is admirable. As a very young Iranian girl I easily get obsessed by one or two of his interviews! But I also believe that there are some more important things that in his plan are vague & that make concern about his promises & his probable change in ideas in future.
At the time there are some people, actually a few numbers of them who are still living in a monarchy in their dreams & are waiting for son of their loved king to lead the country as another king!!! And even now call him Prince Reza Pahlavi...
And there are others who hate him as they hated his father & believe that he caused all this mess. And now criticize any word of Reza Pahlavi as a traitorous plan & never seem to believe him.
That is a big confusion, not just the problem of Reza Pahlavi but this battle for the future leader of Iran. As I said at the time I don't see anyone more qualified that Reza Pahlavi but that will be proved when country become so free that all groups & oppositions & even any single person can give their opinions, then people can decide who to choose. Oh I wish that it really was as easy as writing about it, but everyone knows that the most difficulty will come just after the time mullahs lave the country... As Reza Pahlavi says himself the day of referendum is the end of his politician duty & after that will let people decide. Although it can't be any other way, but I wish that he says that will all his honesty....

(Reza Pahlavi…& his mother Farah Diba, actually this second photo has got nothing to do with the note, I just put it there because I like this photo very much….The last king seemed to have a good viewpoint in finding wives!)

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