Sunday, June 01, 2003

As you might know arresting girls in the city, is still continuing & that has made many critics & politicians very angry. All believe that what they are doing is completely foolish & can never be legal. They say that producing, selling & wearing tight & short clothes are forbidden, as there is no clear description of tight short & a Manto can be tight or loose or short or long for different girls with different heights & weights. And there is also no Islamic rule about the color or model of clothes, the only rule is that all a women's body except face, hands & feet must be covered... although there are lots of logic reasons that what they are doing is right, but that makes no difference & the ones who decide can do whatever they In Iran you must never ask for the reason & wonder why something is happening, you just have to obey & do what they say, otherwise you'll be arrested...But, time shows that It's not always like this & as we see these recent rules didn’t make Iranian girls & women do what they want & wear dark, long & loose clothes...

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