Wednesday, June 11, 2003

It seems that something serious is happening this time, everyone is talking about last night that lots of people had an anti government demonstration in front of one of Tehran universities & great support of Police . Actually last night I was at home & even didn't listen to news or didn't watch satellite channels to know what is happening, & also this morning in my way coming from school I didn't see anything unusual, but then I found out that in some parts of Tehran & also some other cities like Esfehan, some great movements are going on ! You know, generally I don't trust reports of Iranian channels out of country, because most of the time they exaggerate these things ; as I remember more than about five years ago that they used to say this regime won't last more than some months! Anyway, whatever it is must be serious that others news agencies like BBC report about that, but in any case I must see myself. I hope it to be continual actions, who knows; perhaps it ends up much sooner than we think!
Here are also other reports of this demonstration:
BBC: Iranians protest against clerics
Yahoo:Iranian Students Protest Ruling Clerics

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