Monday, June 23, 2003

Iran bans public protests on anniversary of unrest
"TEHRAN, June 23 — Iran said on Monday it would ban any demonstrations outside universities to mark the July 9 anniversary of 1999 student unrest following a wave of sometimes violent democracy protests that prompted a crackdown this month...."

That seems foolish; no one was waiting for their permission & this fact that they would ban any demonstrations on July 9, will make no change to students' movement.
You know, this regime is a kind that will try not to lose their grip on media & news till the last moment; for example all these recent protests & anti-regime demonstrations were criticizes as an unsuccessful try of traitors for damaging Islamic republic!!! Here are photos of this program on channel one of Iran's TV that as the Farsi note says begins with the scenes of some wounded Basijis, some of the ones who were arrested & a just a few scenes of street battles, It continues with showing scenes from LA channels & the ones who are talking about these battles, & at last Khameneiee who talks with authority (that's what he always do) & some national songs...

...So everything's fine; It was just a simple problem that now is solved by the power of brave Basijis & also wisdom of, you just don't worry, everything's great & mullahs are still stealing your land. You are watching Islamic republic TV of lie & trick!

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