Saturday, June 14, 2003

No, I can't...whatever I do I can't concentrate on studying for tomorrow's exam or anything else, I just think about what is happening in the country & it all seems like a dream. I just think about those photos of wounded students of the last night's violence in the dormitory of one of universities & just can't get them out of my mind...yeah, It was last night that Basijis went there, destroy everything & hit students, here are some photos of the building after the assault, & here are photos of two of students after being damaged...
No, no Iranian can do this to another actually no human can do this to other. But anyway, by what they did they sped up the movement of people & there is no doubt for anyone that they can't kill & hit everyone & destroy everywhere, they don't have much more time.
Anyway, moment by moment news are getting more important & they report about other battle in other places of Tehran, I've also found weblogs of some student who are writing everything about latest events, I wish that they could write in English too.. Oh no, It's better that they don't write in English, I'm not sure that other people in the world can tolerate reading about that much pain & violence, not even imagining...

-Canadian Press:Hardline vigilantes in Iran beat up students in their bed inside dormitories
-channelnewsasia: Anti-regime demonstrators clash with Islamic hardliners in Iran

-.By the latest news, other cities are also facing demonstrations. One has been killed by the shooting in Shiraz, & there is also battle in the University of Esfehan.

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