Sunday, June 01, 2003

Positions of US and Russia on Iran are close: Putin
"The positions of Moscow and Washington on Iran are "closer than they seem," Russian President Vladimir Putin says following talks with his US counterpart George W Bush.
"We do not need to be convinced of the fact that there should no proliferation of weapons of mass destruction," Mr Putin said.
"President Bush and I have a full understanding on this. This is exactly why we can call each other friends."
However on a more cautious note, Mr Putin says the United States must not use Russia's nuclear cooperation with Iran as a pretext for pushing Russian companies operating in the country out of the lucrative market.
"On Iran, we are against the pretext of using the nuclear weapons of program in Iran as a lever in unfair business competition against us," Mr Putin said......

the US President added:"I appreciate Vladimir Putin's understanding of the issue and his willingness to work with me and others to solve this potential problem,"
... So do I...!!!

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