Sunday, August 10, 2003

...The bigger half of summer has passed & now the count down to the end of these holidays has been started! These days will always remain as the most important & special ones in my life ....& change! That’s what I can clearly feel through these strange days that are no longer boring & as same as others! I'm proud of myself, I finally could refresh my mind & now I'm free to think however I want & enjoy this change!
That might be temporary but still I don't wanna lose this feeling; the feeling of being free just behind hundred doors & in a world that has become a prison!
No matter what they do or say, I don't give a damn to the any of them & their hateful tries at making me captivated by their old stories, I'm a free girl, free of all those bothering thoughts & confusions; & also all those stuffy cages...

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