Saturday, August 09, 2003

Mortazavi: 'Iran media have highest degree of freedom'
"TEHRAN, Aug 9 (AFP) - Tehran's chief prosecutor Said Mortazavi insisted Saturday that the media in Iran have the "highest degree of freedom", matched by only a few Western states, during a visit to the student news agency ISNA.
"Thanks to the Islamic revolution and the country's constitution, the Iranian press and media enjoy the highest degree of freedom, matched by only a few Western countries," he said.
"In other words, the freedom of the Iranian press can not be compared with those in neighboring countries and the Middle East," he added...."

It's really funny when you hear such a thing from someone who is accused for the murder of a journalist & in a day that all Iranian journalists decided not to write a word to show their dissatisfaction of the lack of security & support.
Anyway I think they are two possibilities that make Mortazavi (one of the biggest killers of all the times) speak like that. It can be his great confidence to himself & this regime; otherwise for sure there must be some serious mental problems!

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