Wednesday, November 27, 2002

The World Of Farsi Weblogs
I don't know where you are from & what does Internet & weblog means to you, but for us Iranians, Internet is a dreamland & weblog, is a window that we can show the truth, through it. It was about one year ago that Hussein Derakhshan(father of farsi weblogs) published a note with this title: ((how to make a Farsi weblog)) & after that many Iranian began to make weblogs & write their notes about every thing they want. Some started to write diary, some started writing about politic, art, news... & also many porno weblogs started to be made. The first time that I got familiar with the Farsi weblogs, I though that it's incredible; you can write everything you want & the whole world can read you. WOW. I think that many journalists & writers though like me & started to write their notes on weblogs. In a country like Iran that every note for publishing must be viewed by lots of people & with so many difficulties, writing personally with no filter & limitation is like an imagination, but blogger gave this chance to them.

Day after Day, number of Farsi weblogs became more, & after some months some Iranian started to make something like blogger with a Farsi name, that was ((persianblog)), they wanted to give more people the chance of bogging in Farsi. Of course that was great too, but after some months that many weblogs in persianblog were made, some of them that were written about sex or politic, disappeared. This made many bloggers angry & some said that persianblog is for the government & is not safe. So some of them changes their weblogs & moved to bloggers, but after a while again the number of persianblog began to increase. However, each day, weblog is becoming more common in Iran, & many people start blogging. & of course many stop their weblogs. Because some says that the environment of Farsi weblogs is becoming worse & that lovely & nice place is going to be a nasty & ordinary one.

The logo of the first persian weblog service,Persianblog :

You know, I have been a reader of Farsi weblogs from the beginning & I really feel the change in the weblogs. these days people instead of using these electronic pages for telling the truths that can't be said anywhere else, just play foolish games such as saying what they have done, with no special purpose, trying to decrease others' visitors & increase their own ones, making different templates just to be better & many other works that is changing this place to an ordinary & boring one such as yahoo chat rooms!! It seems, the only thing that no one try to notice, is the quality of main notes & news. But of course, still there are some weblogs that know how to use this place, in the way that it must be.

Weblog , women & girls...

In general, Farsi weblogs are great places to talk freely about the problems in every subject & especially for women & girls to say things that they can never say in the real world; also here you can read on BBC about the wave of innovation in Farsi weblogs.
Anyway, I hope that the Farsi weblogs can be one of the factors in the liberty of Iran & democracy.
_I think that I wrote so much, with lots of mistakes. Hope you forgive me._

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