Thursday, November 28, 2002

Ramadan; the month of fasting

Today is the 22nd day of Ramadan, & I want to write some things about this month & fasting. Although It’s a little bit too late.
I don't know what is happening but I think that each year, the number of people who on Ramadan go on fast decreases & day after day people especially young ones lose their religious beliefs.
In this month , for eating there are some difficulties with the people who don't want to go on fast, because if someone eats in public , there would be some violence rules for punishing him or her.
also there are some rules in schools too, but fortunately , In girls schools , They can not force students not to eat , because of course in some days of a month girls have a natural problem & because of that problem they mustn't go on fast. But I don't know what's wrong with most of the girls in our school that they seem to have that problem in 30 days of the month!!!
Anyway, there is a room in our school that in the Ramadan, that room would be the place for the ones who wants to eat something & always that small room is the most crowded place in our school. If anyone eats anything in other place she would be punished by her mark.
Anyway, for Muslims (I mean real Muslims) these night are very important nights, the night that Imam Ali was killed by a terrorist (there is no difference, terrorism is always terrorism, for the year 2002 or many years ago & for the Americans or Imam Ali) & the night that Koran was published (I mean it was sent from sky) !!!! Many Muslims don't sleep all through these nights, because they believe that angles will come to earth!!!
At last, today I searched web for some extra information that is related to Ramadan & I found some Interesting things. I though they might be interesting for you too.
This Page includes everything you should know about Ramadan, & this website has a medical look at fasting. Here are some recipes of Persian foods for breaking the fast. After all, this is a writing about "night of perfect measure", that worth reading.
… Have a happy Ramadan ;) ... oh I was forgetting ; & also happy thanksgiving to all of you :)

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