Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Today I'm in a great mood, because I didn't go to school. You know it was really difficult to make my parents, let me stay at home. Yesterday I was really boring & the only thing that could make me feel better was the great friend, ((Internet)). So I was on net about two or three hours, & I had lots of lessons to study, but I understood that there is no way to manage them all, & the only thing that I can do is not going to school. So I started to show that I have a really bad head ache. Fortunately this Idea worked & soon my parents told me to go to bed & not go to school.
Now I am at home & think of students that are sitting on the hard desks & listening to fucking teachers, gives me a good feeling . Feeling of liberty :) ok, I think I am going so far, just a little kidding. Because every students & also I know that especially in Iran, the only way to success is studying, more & more & more. So, if I want or not, I should go back to school & sit on those hard desks & listen to those fucking teachers. There's no other way.

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