Saturday, November 23, 2002

Tomorrow I’ll have a very difficult exam & I should study really hard but I can’t even open the book. I don’t know why but I have a special feeling. Iranian Internet sites, TV, radio & satellite channels are full of news about the people & students’ demonstration; I haven’t been in streets but they say that there are lots of protesters. In these moments that the elements of a revolution are starting to be made, I feel a kind of fear. Actually I worry about the future. I see just a dark way in front & that makes me worry. I’m thinking of the years that I should spend in this country & the people who will lead us after these ones. I’m thinking of the students who are in prison, the ones who were died last year & who are going to die in the other demonstrations. I‘m thinking of people who in the whole history, never taste a real liberty ; & I’m thinking of me , The “me” who is a teen young girl that just can wait & see what will happen at last.

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