Sunday, November 24, 2002

The death toll from sectarian violence over the Miss World pageant in Nigeria rose to at least 215 — more than double previous estimates — a Red Cross official said Sunday.
The violence erupted after the This Day newspaper published an article on Nov. 16 suggesting that Islam's prophet would have approved of the Miss World pageant.

"What would Muhammad think? In all honesty, he would probably have chosen a wife from among them," Isioma Daniel wrote in the article.

On Friday and Saturday, the fighting was mainly Christians retaliating against Muslims, Ijewere said.

"Some Christians feel especially bitter because with the exit of Miss World, they have lost a symbolic battle while the Muslims have won," Ijewere said. "Our greatest fear is that it could spread to other cities now." _from yahoo news_

I think that is much more like a funny story. I can't believe that still are some people who would kill others & make a mess just because of the things that someone has told about their religion.
Anyway, I agree with those things that Isioma wrote, of course everyone likes beauty , who says that Muhammad didn't???
fortunately at the time we have no Miss World competition in Iran , & about this subject , no problme yet !!!

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