Friday, November 22, 2002

Someone Who Is Not Like Anyone
In Forugh's website I found a poem that I hadn't read it in any books before. I think that's great, & suggest you to read it & also have a tour in her other poems.

From the summer of 1964 through December 1966, Farrokhzad published five poems in various issues of Arash. One of them was "Someone Who Is Not Like Anyone" (1966). In it, she scrutinizes the new Pahlavi Tehran of modern, Westernized, mechanized ways and goods, indicts upper class Tehranis, and calls for social justice for lower class Tehranis. In this poem, Farrokhzad presents a dream of an egalitarian Iranian society. The poem reads:


I've had a dream that someone is coming.
I've dreamt of a red star,
and my eyes lids keep twitching
and my shoes keep snapping to attention
and may I go blind
if I'm lying.
I've dreamt of that red star
when I wasn't asleep.
Someone is coming,
someone is coming
someone better...
You can find the full text , here.

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