Saturday, November 29, 2003

The weather is lovely; it's raining & as it seems soon there will also be a bit snowing. So it's a great time for writing!
You know, the reason of my irregular writing isn't only laziness, but the problems of my PC that are really making me mad…
These days most of Iranian satellite channels are talking about Khalkhali, the mullah who died a few days ago. Different people spend hours reminiscing about the first years after the fucking Islamic revolution & their memories of his murders & violence.
You know, he was one of the biggest killers of this regime; & although spent the last years of his life with different diseases but nothing can take vengeance on him but death!
Although my age doesn't let me feel that hate directly, but none of the ones who have seen those days can't hide their sense & can't pretend that his death was an unpleasant event because that really has been one of the most pleasant things that has happened through these years. And everyone seems to be satisfied…I don't have an idea what we can wish for a man, that his death makes everyone happy!

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Nuclear watchdog group warns Iran
"(CNN) -- The U.N. nuclear watchdog's governing board Wednesday approved a resolution condemning Iran's secret nuclear program, and sending what the agency's chief calls a "serious and ominous message" to Iran that future breaches "will not be tolerated....."

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

End of Ramadan…
At the time there is a big dilemma among Iranian mullahs about the end of Ramadan & the day that must be marked as Fetr.
It's always been very funny to me, the way that they do so much foolish things about this day & the fact the last decision must be made by the supreme leader himself not anybody else.
And you know, the end of Ramadan month is very important for Moslems, because if it's still Ramadan they must fast & if not, fasting is a big sin!!!
But anyways, there is a big problem & that's the different ideas of different mullahs about today, if it is the last day of Ramadan or not.
Khameneii hasn't yet announced that, but some other mullahs seriously believe that today is the day.
That's interesting that today in all the countries in neighborhood people are celebrating this day as the end of Ramadan, except us!
All in all, lots of people don't even give a damn & also many other do; but the thing is that this year, this religious matters, has made some struggles that seem more political. The holiness that this regime has made for the supreme leader & the fact that every little thing is in his control, is losing its importance. We see more speeches, letters, & critical notes & acts against this hated leader & all those dictatorial rules of his power…

Saturday, November 22, 2003

It's the first day of the last month of fall; & also the first day of the last week of Ramadan month...
It's pretty cold here, both the weather & also these passing know, it's somehow my favorite time of year, but things could be nicer if these cold & moonlit nights were also a bit cloudy & rainy...

So, Ramadan with all those hateful religious programs is going to be finished soon. But that still isn't certain if Tuesday or Wednesday would be the last day of Ramadan that is a kind of celebration for Muslims;
I wish it to be on Wednesday, so then we'll have a three day know, High school's more intolerable that any other time & any chance to escape from those nasty hours seems sweet, even if that is a religious holiday...

...And, at the time the most important topics inside Iran is the coming election & Iranians seem to be in a big dilemma. The regime's future is more than ever depended on people's reaction; & different politicians with different ideas make it much harder for people it make their decision...

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

...Oh, it's been about two weeks that I haven't posted anything...You know, the main problem was with my pc that needed to be repaired; there was no other special reason.
You know, I feel that somehow I have completely lost my addiction to the Internet, as in these two weeks I didn't even have a sense of loss!!!
Anyways, now I'm back; there are lots of things to write about & I will…

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Iran’s Judiciary Continues to Hold Iranian-American Professor Dariush Zahedi
"It is over four months now since Dariush Zahedi was arrested in Tehran. Zahedi is an Iranian-American political science professor who teaches at University of California in Berkeley. He had traveled to Iran in June to spend time with his family, as he had done in the past few years....."
"Flag burning" marks Iran-US hostage anniversary
"....On November 4, 1979, in the wake of Iran's Islamic revolutions, a group of Islamist students stormed the US embassy in Tehran and held its staff hostage there for 444 days. The crisis led to the suspension of diplomatic ties between Washington and Tehran...."
Here are also some Photos of this rally...

Today was Aban’s 13, the 24th anniversary of the seizure of the U.S. Embassy that is called Students day!
So like other years, there was a rally & doing childish things like burning USA flag & symbols & chanting foolishly.
The protesters passed the street that is near our school, & as I saw there were comparatively a small number of people & most of them were school boys who were forced to go; they didn’t give a damn to the demonstration & were just laughing & having fun!
Actually, although that event in 1979 was meant to be an action against Imperialism, but changed to a support for a dictator & criminal regime.
You know; the repetition of History sometimes seems really frightening!
For sure nowadays students are mush different from the ones in 1997 & have other ideas about what happened those days. But What if in future, students find nowadays students’ movements foolish & again get in to more trouble!

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Praying mantis on the president Khatami's turban!!!
Huh...that really was a photo opportunity! And the picture was also taken artistic. But for sure that mantis didn't choose a good place to sit & won't have a nice future; President's guards know what to do with such a rude insect!!!
Anyways, yesterday was Khatami’s birthday & it was said that he had planned to chat with youngsters!!! But that was just a rumor & the truth is that he has promised to chat with people one day, but hasn't said particular time & nobody knows the details! (Here’s the source in Farsi)...I think that would be an interesting situation!
U.N. Still Assessing Iran's Report
"UNITED NATIONS — U.N. nuclear watchdog chief Mohamed ElBaradei said Friday that it would take him at least two weeks to determine whether Iran had complied with his demand to prove that it had no nuclear weapons program.
"Sometime toward the end of the second week of November, I will be issuing a report," he said.

He did not think the International Atomic Energy Agency would be finished with the issue at that time, but said he hoped for substantial progress by then...."