Saturday, November 29, 2003

The weather is lovely; it's raining & as it seems soon there will also be a bit snowing. So it's a great time for writing!
You know, the reason of my irregular writing isn't only laziness, but the problems of my PC that are really making me mad…
These days most of Iranian satellite channels are talking about Khalkhali, the mullah who died a few days ago. Different people spend hours reminiscing about the first years after the fucking Islamic revolution & their memories of his murders & violence.
You know, he was one of the biggest killers of this regime; & although spent the last years of his life with different diseases but nothing can take vengeance on him but death!
Although my age doesn't let me feel that hate directly, but none of the ones who have seen those days can't hide their sense & can't pretend that his death was an unpleasant event because that really has been one of the most pleasant things that has happened through these years. And everyone seems to be satisfied…I don't have an idea what we can wish for a man, that his death makes everyone happy!

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