Tuesday, November 25, 2003

End of Ramadan…
At the time there is a big dilemma among Iranian mullahs about the end of Ramadan & the day that must be marked as Fetr.
It's always been very funny to me, the way that they do so much foolish things about this day & the fact the last decision must be made by the supreme leader himself not anybody else.
And you know, the end of Ramadan month is very important for Moslems, because if it's still Ramadan they must fast & if not, fasting is a big sin!!!
But anyways, there is a big problem & that's the different ideas of different mullahs about today, if it is the last day of Ramadan or not.
Khameneii hasn't yet announced that, but some other mullahs seriously believe that today is the day.
That's interesting that today in all the countries in neighborhood people are celebrating this day as the end of Ramadan, except us!
All in all, lots of people don't even give a damn & also many other do; but the thing is that this year, this religious matters, has made some struggles that seem more political. The holiness that this regime has made for the supreme leader & the fact that every little thing is in his control, is losing its importance. We see more speeches, letters, & critical notes & acts against this hated leader & all those dictatorial rules of his power…

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