Friday, December 05, 2003

Another wave of filtering, censorship & opposing against Persian weblogs...
At the time, there is no access to the most important politic websites or famous weblogs; by many popular ISPs. And it's a pity that all of anonymously web surfing websites are also filtered.
You know, recently they are trying a new way in reacting to weblogs. They are trying to make a society for weblogs & somehow organize them; as they say.
Organizing weblogs!!! Oh, that's really funny, it seems like they know nothing about weblogs & the fact that they can never be organized by any societies. It's clear that their inability to control weblogs, still bothers them & they do anything to somehow find a way to avoid people write anything they want without even inspection.
As I read somewhere, a number of Persian bloggers has named this fake society, The Trojan among weblogs and are seriously trying to oppose these kinds of foolish actions; & are also looking forward to make petitions in order to show their dissatisfaction.
Anyways, it seems that during this time, these simple web pages, written by ordinary people, have seized much power & become a big concern for government…

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