Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Something more than a prize...
It seems that this wound that this Nobel Prize has caused for the Iran's regime isn’t going to be heeled soon; that can be clearly seen in their confusing acts & talks & varying ideas.
For sure they don’t know what to do & also can’t use their always ways this time & solve the problem by arresting her & publishing untrue information; & as they know no other way, they're totally mixed up by the situation.
Here is a cartoon published in one of the government newspapers about this Nobel Prize; that's funny how they're trying to decrease this event's importance by different kinds of tricks. That's all very funny how a woman can make them that much weak & very interesting how a prize can make people's motivations that much stronger.
Anyways, that was something more than a Nobel Prize; perhaps something like a catalyst for people's movement.

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