Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Iran Nobel winner gets hero's welcome
"Thousands of people have greeted Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi in extraordinary scenes at Tehran's city airport on her return to the Iranian capital.
Human rights groups and non-governmental organisations, swelled by crowds of local people, gathered at the city airport to give her a hero's welcome...."

...As all news agencies around the world have reported, the airport & all the ways to it were full, & still there were hundreds of people in their cars or walking to the airport… That was a real welcome. We were for about four hours stuck in the traffic & at last couldn't get to the airport. But after hours people who were coming out were clapping & chanting & also dancing; a great enthusiasm could be seen, & police could do nothing against that number of energetic people...I couldn’t see Shirin Ebadi herself, but at least I saw the plane in the sly & also a large number of freedom lovers…
Here are also the Photos of Tehran24 & here are some photos of her before & after winning the prize...
-Here are also many more photos of Shirin Ebadi's arrival in the airport & also her house.

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