Monday, October 27, 2003

Raining, Ramadan, Islam & their teachings...!!!
…It’s been raining hard today. It’s not raining at the time but dark clouds still can be seen & sound of thunders can be heard…

Today is the first day of Ramadan month. Of course you know about this religious month that Muslims are supposed to go on a fast.
One of the advantages of this month is that we can come home from school one hour sooner; and one of the disadvantages is that you’re not allowed to eat in Public!

Many years ago, when I was a child I really loved Ramadan month & fasting; & used to have great enthusiasm for these kinds of thing. But now feel just sick of anything related to any religion! I know that those days I was just influenced by their hard Islamic teachings. They have always filled children’s minds with rotten religions beliefs & tried to make some hard-line Islamic fighters, but in the end everything changes against them. Humans have the ability of thinking, & I believe that’s enough not to let people always get fooled by religions.
Actually it’s like Islam against Islam by these paradoxical actions & beliefs in this religion & especially in the way they try to use it in the society.

You know, that Islamic teachings that I talked about are still continuing in schools, but now nobody gives a damn to what they say & just tolerate the classes to get the mark & pass the course
Believe me that In the Koran & religious beliefs classes all of the students are napping or talking with each other or doing something else, & no one even listen to all those boring things that are just repeated each year by books that are full of lies & reliable teachers.
Even if you ask the teacher a question she talks about an hour & gives a hundred examples that have nothing to do with what you asked. At last she can’t say a right word in the answer of that question & can’t persuade anyone. Actually that’s their usual way, they preach for hours & fill your mind with confusing things but never give you a logic reason to prove what they say & you just have to assume that Islam is the best & guides you to the best way…

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