Saturday, October 04, 2003

A day in the life of D.
By Najmeh Fakhraie On The Iranian
"...She is behind already. Her friends whom she called before going to bed at around 2 in the morning have gone through 10 more sets of multiple choice questions than she has. Her rank was all the way in the 5000s range on her last konkoor exam. The number of people registered to take the exam is one 20th of the whole population of the country. The thought of that makes her want to vomit, scream; and then go to her mother and weep. But she has already done that for the past two nights and obviously her mother can take no more...."

That's so much real, although that seems unbelievable. Konkoor; that is a nightmare for each 18 years teen in Iran... twelve years studying behind, & a vague future that just depends on a simple test that is so much complicated with that hard rivalry. Anyway, I suggest you to read that whole note to know more details of this hard way to university, in Iran...
Oh, thinking about that makes me upset, but that's what we all must go through...

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