Saturday, October 04, 2003

Iran will conditionally agree to sign nuclear protocol: minister
"TEHRAN (AFP) - Iran will accept, under certain conditions, to sign a nuclear protocol allowing tougher inspections of its atomic energy programme, Information Minister Ali Yunessi said.
Iran "will accept for its best interests and out of concern for its honour, but with conditions and reservations that have to be taken into account," said Yunessi, quoted by state news agency Irna....
...But several government officials have said Tehran will take every measure to avoid the Security Council.
President Mohammed Khatami declared Thursday that Iran "will continue its cooperation with IAEA despite the (its) inappropriate resolution."
Highly influential former president Ali Akbar Hachemi-Rafsanjani posed four conditions Friday on signing the additional protocol, including no inspections in non-nuclear military sites and places of worship...."

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