Monday, September 15, 2003

Our unreliable keepers of safety...
I don’t know what is really going on in the city but there are many Police cars in the streets & they are increasing pressure on people.
I heard from someone that they have special plans for this week & are keeping arresting young girls & boys with no special reason.
For example today that I met my friend & she said that her cousin was arrested because he was walking with a girl & now he is in prison & must be whipped & also pay a lot of money as forfeit, she was really depressed & sorry, not for her cousin but for herself that is living in a place that crimes have that strange meanings, yeah, we all must be sorry for ourselves.
But I’m wondering what has happened to people that can’t do anything except being sorry! What is going on with them that let them see young boys & girls lashed, hit, depressed & in so much pain …Just God know what this regime has done to Iranians that has took all they have, their senses, humanity, beliefs & their know Persian prejudice…
Anyways; these days, streets aren’t very safe because of police cars & arrests. Naturally you must be scared & try to be far from police cars, & what an awful city it would be as Tehran is…It’s a shame to be scared of the ones who are supposed to make you feel safe, It’s also a shame to write about realities that really bother people in a part of world but others might be even unable to thing of them.

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