Sunday, September 21, 2003

... As it is still a summer night but I can clearly see the signs of fall, & that makes me good. I have badly missed cold & snowy nights of fall & winter, & now I feel excited about their return….
This Tuesday is the first day of Mehr (the first month of fall) & also the day of going to school; & what a fuckin day it is! As three other days after Tuesday are also holidays, so nobody really feels like going to school; I might also not go. It depends on what my friends do & also my mood in coming days.
As far as I know, Iran is the only country that has such a strange kind of holidays for school. You are free for three months to get sick of holidays & wish to go back to school, & then after nine months studying you find a same feeling about school; it’s the worst kind it can be.
Although I was enjoying my time in summer but now I somehow miss school, of course not all the things about school; as I’m totally sorry that I should tolerate those hateful & dictatrix rules for another year….with all disadvantages there is something wonderful in these days that I will find out their value later…
Anyways, this summer has also passed. The one that was expected to be another kind but somehow surprised others, in many ways…

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