Monday, August 04, 2003

Iraq: New Attacks Against U.S. Soldiers Reported
"Baghdad, 4 August 2003 (RFE/RL) -- Reports say U.S. troops in Iraq sustained new attacks today, with casualties reported in Baghdad.
A U.S. army spokesman, Sergeant Marc Ingham, confirmed that unknown assailants threw an improvised exploding device on an army convoy near the Baghdad airport, wounding two soldiers. But he could not confirm that another attack on the Baghdad police headquarters had left three soldiers and their Iraqi translator injured....."

The problem of Iraq now after death of Saddam's son seems like a dramatic story for me that although is going to be forgotten but still hasn't finished. With so many different kinds of news about what is happening inside Iran & how satisfied people are about their present situation I have no idea if things are going well or not; but all in all I don't call what Iraqis have at the time, Freedom!
I don't know what can be the best wish for Iraqis! Of course the best can be a real democracy but the way to that sweet word is really unclear. Anyway, forgetting about Iraqis' wisdom & beliefs & if what they're making a mistake or not; but for sure bringing democrasy without their own desire can't be done...

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