Sunday, August 03, 2003

Cold days of summer…
These days things inside Iran seem calm & it sounds like everything’s ok & people are normally spending summer days that were supposed to be days of fighting for freedom. But now there is no kind of strike or movement & there are more battles in the international relation of Iran.
You know, I really have no idea what is going on or what will happen, I'm just thinking of my optimistic wishes about this summer & now I see all were like sweet dreams & now there is no voice left to shout.
I'm thinking of things that have happened recently & feel that how easily we forgot them. They’re always easily forgotten, the death of Zahra kazemi; arrest of students; censorship on some websites & a thousand other fucking events that happens in this country & with a strange magic become invisible for people...or perhaps the magic makes people blind, not the events invisible!
I don't know; others told me before that it's just a childish feelings, don't be fooled easily by you're excitement; It's still mullahs' reign & we are just wasting our life...they told me Iranians are more frustrated to wake up; I don't know, perhaps they were right!

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