Saturday, August 30, 2003

Everyday images of Iran win prestigious prize
"Shirana Shahbazi's humanising and powerful images of Iran won her the prestigious Citigroup private bank photography prize in London last night and £15,000 prize money.
As the youngest shortlisted artist, Shahbazi, 27, originally from Tehran but now based in Zurich, was the surprise winner of the Guardian sponsored prize, which is in its sixth year....
The judges applauded the way Shahbazi confounded the tendency to portray the exoticism of the Middle East, with images of everyday life such as office block construction, and a woman in a chador doing up her son's shoelaces...."

That is a great pleasure that an Iranian girl has won that International Photography prize, her photos seems very simple but incredible! Here is a full article about this prize & here is the gallery of other works.

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